Game design training requires students to complete a variety of courses, including basic drawing and illustration courses, computer programming courses, and technical lab courses in addition to general education courses. Courses with specific computer-aided design technologies will be required, in addition to computer coding courses and graphic design studies. These courses help develop the artistic and technical skills needed to succeed as a designer. Other courses in project management, video game marketing, and art direction develop the necessary communication and leadership skills needed to become a successful member of a design team. For further practical game design training, consider applying for internships during undergraduate study.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers within the graphic design and video game design industries are growing at rate close to the average for all occupations. Graduates with a game design certificate are eligible for entry-level positions as game designers, video game animators, quality assurance testers, and level designers. Keep in mind that employers prefer graduates with degrees from accredited game design schools. Accreditation ensures that the training received meets industry standards. Employers also favor those that have completed undergraduate internships. Although the gaming industry continues to grow and expand, the job market for design careers can be competitive, and most jobs are found within major metropolitan areas.

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