Everyone can enjoy great video games, even when they are not game designers. However, it takes a talented artist to create an exciting game. Animation schools produce many of today’s 2D and 3D artists, but game art concentration schools produce the world’s game developers. 

Game development artists should have solid foundation in drawing, animation, color theory, and visual design principles. As students, they must be put through rigorous training and in-depth instruction in the use of up-to-date animation and game modeling technology. This includes digital sculpting, motion capture, rigging, and the like. Game artists do not work alone; they work with computer programmers, game designers, and assistants. Therefore, being able to work effectively as part of a team is an essential skill learned in school.

It is important to check out as many game art concentration schools to ensure you receive the best education. Make sure that the teachers are not simply instructors who teach by the book, but industry professionals who have actual experience in the workplace. To get the best training, mentors should teach directly to small groups of students.  

Study at game art concentration schools develop the student’s skills and broaden his or her knowledge in the following areas:

  • Animation

  • Lighting

  • Concept art

  • Strategic planning

  • Character modeling

  • Game texturing

Those who wish to create their own games should enroll at game art concentration schools. Success in this field of study, however, requires artistic talent, particularly in the visual field. The student will be learning how to come up with game concepts, develop realistic characters, and understand the difference between an appealing game and a boring one. Students will be learning the technical aspects of animation through the use of computer software, while maintaining creative thinking. 

There is virtually no limit in terms of career opportunities for graduates of game art concentration schools. First of all, graduates can work as game developers and game designers; they may start as game developer assistants during the onset of their careers. Sometimes, the opportunity to become a game developer may not come as swiftly as expected, but graduates can be employed in many other types of industries involving digital arts. These include Web development, video production, and animation. If you haven’t landed your dream job yet, do not be disappointed. It is important to keep honing your skills and creating an diverse portfolio that showcases your strengths. 

Game art concentration schools develop talented artists who can create games for people to enjoy. The game industry is large, and opportunities to be part of it abound. Game companies are not the only ones who need talented game artists. Even marketing firms make use of game developers to create interactive advertisements that catch the attention of potential customers. If you have a passion for the creation of games, a school that teaches computer animation and game development is a great place to start.

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