Florida architecture schools enable students to obtain the education they need to be successful in an architecture career.  Architecture is the key to a modern, civilized society, bringing both function and form to everything we use throughout our daily lives. Architecture is everywhere you look, everywhere you go. Architects are responsible for designing and constructing the places where we live, work, and play in a way that takes into account aesthetic, functional, and social considerations.

Florida architecture schools offer the opportunity for students to gain valuable skills necessary for successfully landing a career in architecture.  Skills like designing and constructing of a building space, an absolute must for all architects, are fundamentals taught throughout all Florida architecture school curriculum.  Project planning, cost estimating, and construction administration are other vital skills necessary for successful architects.  Florida architecture schools do not only teach architecture students how to create buildings, but also how to design the functionality, usability, the and overall look-and-feel of a structure in safe and economical manner. 

Why should students study at a Florida architecture school?  Because a career in architecture is a satisfying one, ideal for those with both creative and technical abilities.  Architecture is especially suitable for people who think out of the box and are capable of understanding other people’s needs.  Architects must be able to communicate their unique vision with others in a clear, convincing manner.

Architects are leaders involved in all aspects of a building project, fulfilling multiple roles in order to ensure the project’s success.  Architects are involved in managing a client’s design and budgetary requirements, negotiating the limitations of a project’s site (building location), assessing the needs of a project’s users (i.e., what the client’s users are going to use a particular building for), and accommodating the limitations of building materials in order to make the entire project work out to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Careers in architecture scale from the macro-level (urban designing, landscape architecture, etc.) all the way down to a micro-level (construction details, furnishing, etc.).  As architects are involved in all phases of a construction project, there are a wide variety of roles they can adopt, involving skills such as communicating with clients, designing building plans, engineering actual constructing, managing construction staff, and supervising development.  Architects can be involved in developing projects as small as a new lobby to projects as large an entire shopping mall.

When choosing an architecture school in Florida, a student must be sure to choose one that excels in his or her interests and field of emphasis. All Florida architecture schools demonstrate overall excellence but, due to the diverse nature of architecture itself, schools generally concentrate on specific subsets of the discipline such as historic preservation, landscape architecture, and urban design.  Many architecture schools in Florida offer specialties in interests like computers, energy, preservation, and design.  Do they have special offerings that take advantage of their particular geographic location in Florida?  Are their facilities substantial enough to provide enrichment to the learning process in one’s chosen specialty (i.e., libraries and lab facilities).  Do the school’s faculty members have any special interests, outstanding credentials, and/or notable accomplishments?

Students must check to see if the school’s architecture program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. Do the degrees they confer fulfill the educational requirements for ARE registration exam eligibility?  These are but a few of the most important questions students must ask when seeking out a suitable Florida architecture school for their individual fields of study.

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