If you are an art student investigating the best fine art programs, you may wonder just how your love of art will translate into a rewarding and well paying career. It turns out that there are many options for graduates of the best fine art programs, and schools often offer extensive job placement assistance. Some of the careers available in the fine arts art teachers, art historians, art curators, designers, animators, and illustrators; just to name a few.

Even if your dream is just to create and sell your art, realize that it may take time to build a name and reputation for yourself. Ensuring that you can develop a career around your love of art in the meantime is a wise choice for your financial future. Here are a few of the most popular options for integrating your love of fine arts with a rewarding career.


Consider teaching in your medium. The best fine art programs offer integrated curricula in art teaching. If you intend to teach in a public elementary, middle, or high school setting, you will likely need to earn a specific teaching credential, in addition to your art degree. If you want to offer private lessons, for example in drawing, painting, sculpture, or any other medium, you will not need to complete a teacher training certificate. Courses in art instruction would still be helpful, since you’ll need the know-how to convey your knowledge to your students.


Consider a career in one of many design areas. Possible careers include fashion design, textile design, graphic design, and interior design among many others. Most careers in design integrate your unique design sense plus a keen ability to understand the needs of the design project and the specifications of the client. Different areas of design require specialized training, though all build on your ability to meld your creative ideas with the needs of the client or consumer.


Computer animation is no longer limited to cartoons. The best fine art programs offer extensive animation coursework for careers in television, movies, commercials, and internet. To have a successful career in animation, you’ll need to combine technical knowledge with fine art skills. Animation combines a love of drawing with the ability to complete a design from sketch to animation while bringing the action to life on the screen.

These are just a few of many options in fine arts careers. You can combine your love of art with technical and business training to develop a rewarding and lucrative career that’s right for you. Take some time to consider how your love of art could lead you to careers that you might not have previously considered. While you may love art for its own sake, the reality is that you will need a way to pay your bills. If you dream of becoming a well known artist with your work displayed in the finest galleries, you don’t have to sacrifice that dream. But, you can combine your talent and love of art with great training to earn a good living in a fine arts career.

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