A job in fine arts is a career in the diverse world of fine arts. A description of a fine arts job could include painting, sculpture, photography and drawing among other art forms. Students in art school, having studied many courses on all topics of art, may find that their choice of art form is fine art. This can be the traditional art forms such as painting, or utilizing more modern methods of art such as photography and graphics. While studying in college, students may take classes on various fine art forms and thereby get a comprehensive overview of the subjects. This will allow them to determine on what subject they may wish to focus their learning. Should a fine arts degree lead to further study in photography students may get jobs working for a publication. If they wish to specialize in painting or sculpture they will be very involved with the art world and that is where they will establish themselves. The goal will be to get their art shown in galleries, or to do commission projects. Students may find that they would like to do a combination of fine arts and develop an eclectic career goal involving several art forms. There is much flexibility in a job in fine arts.

Combining a fine art degree with a teaching program can allow for a job in teaching fine arts. Depending on the level of study, program, and classes, a fine art degree graduate can teach in high school or college. There are also opportunities to teach classes independently, or for other art programs provided by studios. A description of a fine arts teacher is someone who teaches hands on art such as painting, drawing and sculpture, or teach art history, theory, and criticism. Every art school has courses in art history, theory and criticism regardless of the career goal, since these subjects form the basis of learning about art. A fine arts teaching job can be very rewarding, especially when the teacher sees the progress of the students. The teacher draws on knowledge gained in art school or college and transfers that knowledge to the students on their level of comprehension. A fine arts teacher can be instrumental in helping students define for themselves what type of art job may interest them. This is especially true for fine arts professors in college, they have the opportunity to encourage students and help guide them in their choice of classes. They can then discuss job goals with the student and assist the student in establishing those goals. The description of a fine arts teacher includes being an excellent role model for the art student.
A job in fine arts has the potential for providing a fulfilling and fascinating future. Art school or college graduates, armed with the knowledge gained from an excellent fine arts program can feel confident that they have the tools and skills to succeed in their select field of fine arts. A job in the exciting world of fine arts can be the realization of a dream for those who have always loved art and hoped to find a way to make it their career.

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