As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is a filmmaker’s dream come true. The city offers an array of venues, from the NASA Johnson Space Center to the Port of Houston, which serves as a stunning backdrop for students attending local Houston film schools. In fact, well known films, such as Apollo 13 and Tin Cup, are just a few of the titles that used Houston as a launching point to tell a great story.

Houston film schools teach students the skills they need to be successful in the industry. If you are a born storyteller, you will learn how to convey emotion and drama on film. For people looking to switch careers, a film degree can open the door to a rewarding job this is also pays well.

At most of the schools, you’ll receive hands on instruction that ensures you graduate knowing what you are doing. You will find a number of degree programs at Houston film schools. This includes a Certificate in Filmmaking which teaches composition and audio engineering among other things. Another degree program is the BA in Visual & Dramatic Arts, Film Track.

From teaching to filming, Houston offers graduates of Houston film schools a number of employment options once they have their degree in hand. You can go on to teach other students how to work in the film industry at local colleges like Houston Community College. Students have also secured jobs at local television stations such as KHOU and KTRK. Whether you’ve wanted to make movies all of your life or you are just looking to make a career change, Houston film schools can get you started on the road to the best career of your life.


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