Why choose a film school abroad, and the careers that can come from this.

There are many film schools abroad located around the world, the majority being situated in Europe and the USA.  Many people decide to study at film schools abroad rather than in their own country to broaden their horizons and experience new cultures, whilst attaining the qualifications in the film genre that they desire.  As you can imagine many of the highest regarded film schools abroad are located in the USA, arguably the home of the movie business.  Amongst these schools are The University of Southern California, The New York University and the American Film Institute, these schools are constantly jostling for position in the top 5 film schools in the US.

Individuals that are interested in the visual arts should consider studying in the field of Photography, Film and Video.  The reason that many students choose this avenue is that it can often lead to a much sort after career in cinematography, film and production, cinema studies and photography.  However since there is such a wide variety of areas to study many will choose to home in on a particular field so they are better prepared for their proposed career.  The film and television industry as a whole is growing at a rate that is similar to the global average, and thus is the perfect place to seek employment with the correct qualifications from the right film school.  These required qualifications can vary from one employer to another so it’s advisable to investigate thoroughly your chosen field before choosing your course. Probably one of the dream jobs of any film school graduate would be that of a Film Director.  This is quite a difficult field to break into, but there are other jobs that one can start in whilst building towards a career as a Film Director.  Not everyone is aware that there are film schools abroad that provide courses purely for the study of film directing, many of these can be cheaper than actual film schools.  Some of these can even give students the opportunity to attain an income even before graduation. 

When choosing your film school abroad there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration.  The exposure within the industry is particularly important, this helps you attain as much experience as possible while studying, and can also help immensely when seeking employment at the end of the course.  Always check that the Faculty has a good experience, and also that their training procedures are solid.  Make sure that the film school abroad that you opt for has a good career program; many schools will provide you with useful contacts at the end of your course to help you further your career. As with everything in life cost is always a large factor when making any decision, particularly when deciding on a University or College.  Although film does tend to be an expensive career, it is still possible to find high quality schools at low prices.  The keyword to finding the right school for film abroad for you is research, there are many great opportunities out there for graduates from film schools abroad.

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