The Arizona art scene in Scottsdale and Phoenix is alive and thriving. In Scottsdale alone there are 125 art galleries and the city hosts over 25 music and art festivals throughout the year. With the beautiful red rock of the Sedona Desert and the rugged Sonoran Desert as backdrops, Arizona is a great place to sign up for one of the many Arizona Film Programs available at the local colleges and universities.

Arizona film programs teach a variety of skills. Students can learn about film and video production, script analysis and editing, producing, directing, cinematography, sound design, and writing to name a few. Many of the skills students learn in Arizona film programs can be used to produce movies and shows for the three main visual mediums, television, film, and the internet.

Students who graduate from Arizona film programs take one of two paths. Some continue their schooling to earn an advanced degree from such prestigious film schools as the Tisch School for the Arts at New York University, the American Film Institute, and the UCLA Film and Television program. Others jump right into the local job market, scoring positions at local televisions stations, such as Channel 3 and AZTV, and film companies like Spectrum Video and Film, and Merestone.

If you are looking to make a change in your career to something more interesting or exciting, then you should look into registering for any of the Arizona film programs. It will put you on the road towards helping you getting into a fantastic career doing something you love.

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