Getting a job, no matter what market you are in, is going to be tough. It is hard to do because no matter what type of job you are applying for, chances are good that there are many other people who are applying for the same job. Therefore, you  need to be sure that are setting yourself apart from the competition. One of the things that you can do is make sure that you have a great portfolio that really does set you apart – and you will need to make sure that you follow several film portfolio tips to be sure of this.

There are many great film portfolio tips that you will want to be sure you are following. First of all, you want to be sure that you have a film portfolio that exists in several different mediums. You might not know it, but you always need a hard copy of your portfolio, even for a film portfolio. Therefore, the first of the film portfolio tips is to have a hard copy of your portfolio, an electronic one on a CD, and a film portfolio online. The hard copy should have information in it about you, your process, and the projects that you have worked on. It should contain examples of set that you have designed, dialogue that you have written, and screen shots from the films that you have produced. It should also contain any other work that you have done for the films that you are doing. Your second portfolio, the one that should be on a CD or another form of electronic medium, should have all of this, but should also have films, or clips from them, that you have created. The third portfolio should be located online ,and should be everything that is on the CD. It is important to have all three versions of your portfolio because you need to be ready to impress everyone. You need a hard copy for those interviews that take place with no computer or other way of accessing electronic media.  You need a CD for interviews with access to electronics – and you need the online portfolio so that you can give out the link and let people see what you can do for yourself.

There are also other film portfolio tips that you are going to want to follow. It is very important for you to remember that even though you are making films, and you think that the finished film product is going to be the most important thing for you, there is a lot to deal with regarding films, and your portfolio should show all of those things. For instance, you’ll want to show that you can do the writing and planning stages of the film production, and that you are good at gathering props, building sets, and preparing shoots. Lastly, of course, your film portfolio tips should include all of the films that you have made – at least snippets of them so that you can show off what you are capable of doing with film production.

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