Have you ever dreamed of being involved with the film industry? Film employment does not have to be a dream—it can be a reality! You do not need natural acting talent or stunning good looks to begin a film industry career. All you have to do is to learn the basic fundamentals of how the industry works.

But where to begin? Vocational schools offer courses in many aspects of film production, from directing and acting to more technical aspects, such as film editing and computer animation. Acting schools can perfect your dramatic skills if acting is your passion, and writing schools can teach you how to write compelling scripts. Many four-year colleges around the country also offer courses that can be applied to the film industry.

You can also get into the television or film industry by starting from the bottom up. Look into entry-level film employment opportunities in states like North Carolina and Louisiana, both of which offer tax breaks to attract Hollywood film projects. Of course, Los Angeles itself is not a bad place to start either. Often, talent agencies that provide extras for films are in need of people willing to work for very little to get their foot in the door.

It is easier to snag an entry-level film job if you are willing to do the less glamorous work, like helping meet the day-to-day needs of cast and crew. Start as an extra, a production assistant, in catering, or as part of the crew that does the manual labor of preparing for the day’s shoot. At the very least, you will be surrounded by people who can guide you to the next step and teach you more about the full array of film employment possibilities.

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