Ohio has a colorful and varied arts scene that provides residents with everything from stunning and historic art pieces beautifully displayed in galleries to funny and whimsical plays that dole out laughter across a well worn stage. Students studying for Ohio film degrees find the long and fascinating history of this state couple with its Midwestern charm makes it the perfect place to study film and storytelling.

Ohio provides a number of colleges and universities that offer a range of Ohio film degrees. Students can earn anything from an Associate degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production to a Master’s of International Film. Any of the film programs offered at Ohio colleges will help you get your foot in the door with local companies who need knowledgeable people.

Ohio has both traditional and technical colleges. Deciding which type to enroll in depends on the goals you have for you career. Most traditional college Ohio film degrees offer an exploration into the history and theory of filmmaking which is great for people who want a well rounded education. However, other colleges focus on teaching a specific skill set so the student can get into the field as quickly as possible. This is great for people looking to make a career change or who don’t want to be bothered will all the other fluff.

Graduates with Ohio film degrees often find employment at local television stations like the Ohio News Network and Fox affiliate WJW. Or they start working for local film companies such as Foglight Films. Taking a chance and getting your film degree in Ohio can help open doors to a career you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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