The State of California houses the infrastructure of the American Film Industry, so it comes as no surprise that the majority of film students, actors, actresses and other affiliated personnel flock here daily.  If a Film degree is something that you seek, then California is clearly the place to be- specifically the Los Angeles area.

Many aspiring actors, producers, writers, directors and jack of all trades, usually originated in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean the rest of California doesn’t have something to offer in the industry. Jobs are available all over the state, and in fact, all over America, but the majority are definitely in Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles area. Film degrees are available in a wide array of subjects and fields, with scriptwriting, stage acting, cinematography, production, direction and movie acting all claiming top spots in the potential student‚Äôs repertoire. There are so many options that it may seem that California film degrees are a dime a dozen, but like anything, where there is a will, there is a way.

The entertainment and tourist industries provide thousands of jobs to the perspective student working on a degree, with Universal Studios, Disneyland and Hollywood’s bustling artistic scene always needing up and coming talent. The place to clearly start a degree and career is in California, with San Francisco, Anaheim (home of Disneyland), San Diego, Sacramento and Santa Cruz all offering booming tourist industries, and hence, booming acting opportunities. 

The state of California awaits those with the ambition and passion for film and the abundant careers that are here are that much easier to clinch with a film degree. The time to start the rise to the top is now, and the Golden State eagerly awaits your arrival.

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