Imagine a city full of fashionable clubs, a glimmering night life and world renowned shopping strips. An eclectic mixture of urban culture and high society all in one place. Imagine Los Angeles, home to 9.9 million residents, ranking it the second largest city in the nation. A filmmakers playground, where fantasy can become reality, on the big screen.
Los Angeles offers a vast array of resources that can inspire one’s creativity. From a bustling music scene and a melting pot of cultural art, the City of Angels never falls short of invention. As a filmmaker’s dream, every corner of this city and its lifestyle can lend the experience of everyday life to creating a story that has never been told, fully immersing you into a movie making experience.
With various film schools and academy’s scattered across the city, realizing this goal could be closer than one could imagine. But what exactly does it take to be a part of the industry and how do these institutions help you reach that dream? One word: Immersion.
From the point that a student enrolls into a film college, they are constantly immersed in the process of movie making. From lighting and editing to writing and directing, students are given the tools needed to obtain a position within the industry. Upon completion of these programs and after a few years of internships, at one of the 10 major film studios in the region, the dream of making it big can truly become a reality.

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