If you are looking for Film, Video or TV classes in Illinois we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Film, Video, or TV classes in IL and search for schools to request information:

International Academy of Design and Technology

This program of study is designed to prepare the student to create, produce, and distribute video for purposes of communication and entertainment.

DESIGN 355 Video Editing

An examination of editing theory, history and aesthetics leading toward postproduction technology and techniques required to deliver professional quality digital video. Students have the opportunity to capture and edit digital footage using traditional techniques and effects, with output to be distributed in a variety of formats. Visual quality, broadcast standards, and format compression will also be examined.

DESIGN 255 Video Production

This course will introduce the basic concepts of video production within a multimedia environment. The use of industry standard hardware and software to capture, convert and edit video will be explored. Different shooting techniques of small format distribution will be compared and contrasted.

The Illinois Institute of Art

The Digital Filmmaking & Video Production programs are designed to provide students with a strong academic and professional foundation through both applied coursework and technological applications.

DFV200 Digital Cinematography

Students learn to use the video camera as a technical and creative tool for communication and art by emphasizing camera shooting aesthetics, technology and operation, as well as industry techniques and standards of shot composition, framing and sequencing. Students practice interior and exterior production techniques, color correction, shutter speed and aperture settings, and achieving a “film look” on video.

DFV300 Directing & Pre-Production

This course presents lectures and exercises on advanced preproduction and production techniques, including directing actors, dramatic/comedic effect, pre-production management documentation, production planning documents, location issues, crew management, running an efficient production and more.

DFV220 Studio Production

This course introduces the student to the digital video studio, including the studio control room where they conduct a live television program. Students learn to work together in a production group, develop their ability to collaborate in a live video production, operate professional video cameras, work with actors and complete a short television program.

DFV310 Advanced Editing

Focusing on advanced editing systems and methods, this course enables students to process audio and video elements in media content and organize the content for total effect and final delivery. Students apply a comprehensive set of critical and evaluative skills to make sound judgment calls and sophisticated editing decisions.


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