If you are looking for Film, Video or TV classes in Florida we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Film, Video or TV classes in FL and search for schools to request information:

Digital Media Arts College

The Film or Video major offers opportunity for the in-depth study of film video production, incorporating idea development, writing, production craft (cinematography, sound, editing), production management, and business aspects. Students leave the program with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the film and video processes. These classes are designed for students interested in studying the art, history, and criticism of film

FS 1000 Cinematic Techniques

In this course students develop an understanding of all aspects of cinematic traditional film lighting, camera angles and shot composition. The fundamental film language of editing is learned through exercises in editing video. The role of editing in pre-production, production and post-production is explored. Capture and output of video is mastered for the students’ First Annual Portfolio Review which is the final project for this class, incorporating work from all of the previous classes in a video and print portfolio to be reviewed by the faculty.

FS 2000 Filmmaking

This course includes the production of a short film through the process of pre-production, soundtrack, compositing, and final cut.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University’s Film Bachelor’s Degree Program teaches you the skills and gives you the experience to pursue a career within the film, television, and post-production job markets. You’ll learn how to execute every role on a film set, learning everything from directing, to cinematography, to lighting and set design. Most importantly, you’ll be making films –†using industry-standard cameras, equipment, and software – on Full Sail’s professional-level soundstages and back lot.

FLM 267 Directing I

The Directing I Course focuses on the many aspects of directing. Students learn the responsibilities of the director through all phases of the filmmaking process (preproduction, production and post production). The students will gain accurate knowledge in the areas of directing actors and understanding the actor’s language. Students also gain knowledge concerning all aspects of pre-visualization, composition and crew/set etiquette.

FLM 431 Film Production I

The Film Production I Course examines the film process from preproduction to production in the 16mm film medium. In this course, students become familiar with each of the positions involved in a professional production by participating in labs that give them handson experience. Subjects covered include directing, cinematography, shooting styles, lenses, audio for film, working with talent, lighting, and production management.

International Academy of Design and Technology

This program of study is designed to prepare the student to create, produce, and distribute interactive media, including video, audio, 2D and 3D for purposes of communication and entertainment. Students will have the opportunity to develop basic design skills for application to visual problem solving. Additionally, students are expected to develop skills in project management and team collaboration demonstrating business and communication practices required for employment in the worldwide workplace. The program will culminate in the preparation of a professional entry level portfolio.

DESIGN 255 Video Production

This course will introduce the basic concepts of video production within a multimedia environment. The use of industry standard hardware and software to capture, convert and edit video will be explored. Different shooting techniques of small format distribution will be compared and contrasted.

DESIGN 355 Video Editing

An examination of editing theory, history and aesthetics leading toward postproduction technology and techniques required to deliver professional quality digital video. Students have the opportunity to capture and edit digital footage using traditional techniques and effects, with output to be distributed in a variety of formats. Visual quality, broadcast standards, and format compression will also be examined.

The Miami International University of Art & Design

The Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program prepares students for the next generation of digital production and delivery, who can meet the needs of corporate communication, television, e-business, and other media outlets for their existing markets. It enables students to create compelling, effective, and aesthetical content to be delivered on CD, DVD, videotape, broadband Internet, and/or other emerging means of technology, and prepares them for successful entry-level employment in the field.

FL6885 – Creating Television Programming

Survey and practical methods applied to the creation and development of a commercial television program. The class follows the process of creating a television program from concept to production. Subjects covered include techniques for developing pitches, basic budgeting and production design, how to balance cost vs. ideas, different funding methods for cable and broadcast, and how to actually present a project to programming executives. 

FL6001 – Advanced Screenwriting

This course allows the student to develop short narrative screenplays for their Narrative Motion Picture Production III project. Students will be required to complete one short script and a onestep outline of another short script.

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