If you are looking for Film, Video or TV classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Film, Video or TV classes in CA and search for schools to request information:

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University has one of the top film schools in the nation. Whether you are looking for an acting school, film directing school, cinematography school, film production school, or screenwriting program, we offer every type of film study with motion picture industry experience. We offer undergraduate and graduate film degree programs, online classes, and continuing education.

MPT 120: Respect for Acting

This is a beginner’s course designed to introduce basic acting skills. Students will develop an understanding of the art of acting by participating in exercises and scene study. The rehearsal of scenes is an integral part of this course.

MPT 123: Improvisation for the Actor

This course is essential for writers, directors and actors, teaching them all to utilize the freedom and spontaneity of improvisation in their work. In this course students will create two short scripts and one comedic sketch.

The Los Angeles Film School

Our curriculum consists of an immersive program that takes students through the art of screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, editing, production design, sound design, and much more.


The Directing course focuses on the many responsibilities of the director and fi lm crew to successfully take a project from script to screen. During lectures, students learn basic and advanced techniques of directing, including acting, directing actors, composition, the rehearsal process, script analysis, preproduction, casting, and theory. Students participate in workshops that emulate a working film production environment, as they become director and actor utilizing their scripts and talents.


The Cinematography course introduces students to the art and operation of the motion-picture camera by providing an in-depth overview of terminology, camera structure, and camera operation. Subjects covered include composition, exposures, filters, lighting, film stocks, camera movement, and camera operation.

Brooks Institute

Films aren’t just made for Hollywood; they are made for schools, businesses, and organizations. Films aren’t just made to entertain; they are used to educate, persuade, and train. The Commercial Film major is designed to allow for a diverse educational experience in all areas of media production. The filmmaker with these skills is prepared to enter into alternative job market opportunities that may arise outside of the traditional narrative filmmaking paths. 

CIN282 Cinematography 1

An in-depth consideration of cinematography principles, this course compares both film and digital image capture with a detailed exploration of 16mm film. The course combines lecture, lab, and shooting assignments outsides of classes. Students consider both technical and aesthetic concerns through a variety of shooting assignments on both film and video.

PPW386 Advanced Editing 1

The objective of this course is to provide students with the essential building blocks of knowledge necessary to enter the profession of film editing. Emphasis is on the techniques and protocol necessary to navigate the process of taking a sync sound narrative film through post production including telecine, media capture, setting up a professional editing room, creating the first assembly, introduction to sync sound editing, and film and video finishing techniques. The course will also include a segment on the role of the assistant editor in documentary, narrative television and reality television postproduction.

The Art Institute of California

Graduates from the program can conceptualize, plan, execute, and deliver a production utilizing digital filmmaking and video techniques, and demonstrating technical proficiency that meets industry standards.

DF1121 Fundamentals of Video Production

Introduction to Photography students will study the technical terms of video production and learn to operate basic video production equipment, using typical industry techniques.

DF1141 Digital Cinematography

This course explores the various camera and lighting techniques used in digital filmmaking and video production. Discussions will cover the general concepts and principles of camera moves and lighting techniques. Focus will be placed on applying lighting techniques to create the desired visual effects.

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