If you have a love for fashion as well as a sharp business sense, you might want to consider a career in fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising encompasses many different aspects of the fashion business. Students wishing to learn what a fashion merchandiser does should taking courses at one of the several fashion merchandising schools in Chicago.

Going to fashion merchandising schools in Chicago is an exciting start to a fulfilling and interesting career. The fashion merchandiser is responsible for a variety of necessary processes that help get fashion items into consumers’ hands. Courses at fashion merchandising schools in Chicago will teach students the necessary skills to succeed in these different processes. Courses can include product development, buying and planning, visual merchandising, design development, fashion advertising, fashion promotion and marketing, consumer behavior, brand management, and store designs. Some schools will have students also take fashion design courses to help them understand what goes into the process of making fashion items, such as fashion history, textiles, pattern-making, sewing, and seams and zipper construction. 

The programs at fashion merchandising schools in Chicago will help prepare students to work professionally through projects, lectures, discussions, and other coursework. Students will be taught computer skills as well as other necessary technologies. Some fashion merchandising schools in Chicago offer associate programs which can be completed in about two years or so, such as the Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising, while other schools offer bachelor degree programs that take three to four years to complete. Some bachelor’s degrees in this field are the Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Retail Management and the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising.

Once students graduate from fashion merchandising schools in Chicago, they can go on to work for a designer, retail stores, department stores, boutique stores, manufacturers, or wholesalers. Students will graduate with a good grasp of the entire fashion industry, as well as what it takes to connect with consumers. Graduates of Chicago fashion merchandising schools will be able to recognize market trends and identify which fashions will sell. They can choose from a number of different careers in the fashion and retail industry, including fashion directors, merchandisers, retail store managers, fashion buyers, store display artists, product managers, personal stylists, and showroom sales representatives.

Students should make sure they choose reputable fashion merchandising schools in Chicago that are accredited. Students may also want to look for fashion merchandising schools that offer job placement assistance or internships, which can help them get into the fashion merchandising industry. It is important to look for fashion merchandising schools that has a good faculty with experience in the industry. Students that have busy schedules or are unable to attend classes in the normal hours can take online fashion merchandising courses.

Anyone can succeed in fashion merchandising careers with the right foundation and skills. These careers will allow you to express your creativity and passion for fashion and business. Obtaining a degree from fashion merchandising schools in Chicago can give an edge over the competition in this exciting job field.

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