Put your passion for style to work, and explore a glamorous career in fashion merchandising.

Fashion merchandising careers offer plenty of opportunities to travel and live a glamorous lifestyle. A fashion merchandiser is essentially someone who buys items to be stocked in stores, based on his or her predictions of what will be the next big trends. Additionally, a fashion merchandiser often works closely with designers and is able to attend fashions shows and trade shows. This allows him or her to view the latest trends and get a feel for what the average consumer or target audience wants to buy.

Fashion merchandising careers can lead to jobs for large department stores and chain stores to help choose which fashions are to be stocked for each season. On the other hand, these fashion merchandising careers can also land you specialized work for a small boutique or independent store. In this case, the buyer will often be involved in sales as well. There is great responsibility for the fashion merchandiser, as decisions about what to stock can greatly affect the business’s bottom line.

There are several levels of seniority in the fashion merchandising field. A senior buyer or merchandiser will be responsible for training other buyers and making final decisions. He or she will also be the one to travel to discover new fashion trends and visit clothing suppliers. An assistant buyer is more likely going to be in charge of orders and shipments, as well as supervising sales employees and keeping records. The assistant fashion merchandiser is still gaining experience in the fashion world and will most likely not have total free reign to make large decisions.

A bachelor’s degree is generally preferred for senior fashion merchandising careers. This degree needs to be in a related field. Areas like retail, buying, marketing, fashion, or even business administration are generally good fields to study if you plan to have a career in fashion merchandising. Also, it is generally a good idea to have some sort of background in retail. Specifically, it is good to have experience on the sales floor of a boutique or in the fashion department of a larger store, where you can have first-hand exposure to customers and their preferences. Some larger stores even offer training programs that prepare individuals for jobs as assistant buyers, which may eventually lead to fashion merchandising careers within the company.

Fashion merchandising careers offer plenty of room for advancement. Someone starting as an assistant buyer can feasibly be moved to a senior buyer position within a very minimal timeframe. This can be a possibility if the individual has the right skills, education, and drive to succeed. Successful merchandisers tend to be creative individuals who have good judgment and strong analytical skills. Flexibility is also a key factor. You may spend days on end in the office or may need to fly to another country with very little notice. If you have an eye for the latest styles and a passion for fashion, then a career in fashion merchandising is definitely worth exploring. It is especially worth it if you have a desire to travel and make a name for yourself in the fashion world.


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