Do you want to work in the business side of the fashion industry as a buyer or merchandiser? Attend one of the many New York fashion merchandise schools to learn the skills required to enter a career in the glamorous fashion world.

While fashion designers are essential to creating a trend setting clothing line, there are many other professionals who keep the the catwalks and boutiques open for business. No matter how breathtaking the garments, they will not be worn or sold unless someone is there to market them. Fashion merchandising and marketing professionals are just as important to a label as any of its artists. “The Big Apple” is of the world’s most influential fashion centers, and it is no surprise that New York fashion merchandise schools are the most desired institutions of learning for those who want to work in this field. 

A fashion merchandising professional might work in advertising, creating promotional materials and presentations or product . This will require skills in creative design and technology.  Others may find employment in the business arena as a buyer for a retail outlet or boutique. One will need a solid foundation in business, marketing, and accounting  to pursue the more analytical side of the field. Those who intend to open their own shop will want a balanced education so they will be able to recognize future trends and buy the most promising lines to sell in their stores. 

Most programs for fashion marketing or merchandising provide a curriculum that includes business and marketing classes related to this specific industry. Any company that designs or produces garments needs individuals to make sure that their lines are seen by consumers. Students usually complete classes that teach the history and evolution of the fashion industry as well as courses in buying and selling merchandise, forecasting trends, product development, and advertising. A degree from any of the accredited New York fashion merchandise schools can lead to many exciting job opportunities. One can work writing for fashion magazines, buying clothing lines for major retailers, or creating product labels and advertisements, just to name a few. 

When searching schools for the right program, one should evaluate the curriculum as well as the accreditation and reputation of the college or university before applying. All colleges will provide a list of the required courses for the major and academic concentration in their course catalog. A standard program will have general education classes, a concentration of fashion-related courses, and business and marketing coursework. The actual class names will vary, but all reputable institutions will cover at least those three areas. They will also provide seminars and portfolio development classes for those who intend to work with creative media. Some schools will offer internships for graduates in order to give them real-world work experience. This is a great way to build an entry level resume, and it may be beneficial to look for these opportunities when deciding which college to attend.  

There is no shortage of New York fashion merchandise schools for those who want to work in this glamorous industry. One can obtain valuable training and skills with the right program. Design firms and retailers are always looking for people with the right set of skills and education to keep the business side of looking fabulous flowing smoothly. 


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