When you are working for a fashion marketing firm, or when you are selling fashion, you are ultimately working for fashion merchandising. This is the area of fashion where the clothing and other fashion accessories are actually sold. It is in this area that fashion careers are made, because you’ll be working directly in the stores to actually sell the fashion. Therefore, you’ll be looking at careers in fashion merchandise, and looking for information about how much you’ll be paid for that type of career.

When you are working in fashion merchandise, your salary is going to be vastly different, depending on where you are in your career and on what type of work you are currently doing. When you are working fashion merchandise, it is usually something that you will need to work your way up in, as far as a career goes. This  means that when you first begin to work with fashion merchandise, you are going to be working at a lesser rate, and working for less money than you’ll end up working for as you get higher up in the fashion industry.

The first thing that you’ll be doing when you work in the fashion industry is working for an hourly rate at a fashion store or a clothing store. This is usually the first type of job someone gets when they want to work fashion merchandise. This is something that you’ll be doing for a few years, working the sales floor so that you can get an idea of what it means to work at that particular place, and what fashion actually is all about. The salaries that you’ll be making when you are working this particular type of job are going to be anywhere from 7 or 8 dollars an hour to 10 or 11 dollars an hour. Of course, some discount stores will put you at minimum wage, and some higher end boutiques will start you at a higher rate. However, you’ll probably begin working for this type of rate.

The next place that you will go when you are working fashion merchandising is to the manager levels or to the other levels that are higher up. These can be levels that are anywhere from management to upper management. Sometimes you’ll stay on the sales floor, and sometimes you’ll end up working your way up to another place. However, you’ll probably still be working an hourly rate, although you’ll be getting more per hour. Sometimes up to 15 or 17 dollars per hour when you are doing management.

As time progresses, you’ll probably move into the purchasing, shipping, and distributing areas of fashion merchandising. This is where you can expect to find a job that isn’t hourly but is instead salary. Often you’ll get anywhere from 25-35 thousand dollars a year working in this type of job.

The  more that you get promoted, the better your fashion merchandising salaries will get. Also, you  might choose to move to other, more important fashion retailers or designers, and then you’ll also get more money.

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