The fashion merchandise job description is made up of an exciting set of tasks and ideas that bring style and business together.  If your dream job is forecasting trends, going to fashion shows, and connecting great design with the consumer public through smart store displays, advertising, and marketing, the fashion merchandise job description is like a page right out of your fantasies.  The world of fashion merchandising is one where a great eye, a sharp mind, and great communications skills pave the road to success.  Read on to learn more about this exciting career, and find out if the fashion merchandise job description fits you.

As a fashion merchandiser, it’s your job to know how to turn fashion into cash for your employer, who can be a retailer of any size from a small boutique to a huge chain store.  There are three major elements of the fashion merchandise job description: knowing what’s out there, knowing how to get it into the store you’re working for, and knowing how to get customers excited about what your retailer is offering.  You’ll be hired by a store or boutique to scout the newest trends in the garment industry, choose what items to carry in their retail outfit, and present those choices to the buying public in an appealing way.

That means you’ll need a good head for business, when you make buying budgets and negotiate for the lowest possible prices when you’re purchasing garments from wholesale manufacturers and suppliers.  It also means you’ll need a solid sense of what draws customers, when you’re setting up store displays and carrying out advertising and marketing plans.  You’ll need great people skills, as you’ll be handling transactions and collaborating with a diverse set of individuals and teams.  Your coworkers can run the gamut from cutting-edge designers to advertising agency creative teams to retail employees, and everything in between, as you bounce back and forth between the runway, the boardroom, and the sales floor of a store or boutique.

The fashion merchandise job description may not seem complex at first, but it’s a role that’s as challenging as you are ready for it to be.  The more sophisticated your business sense, the deeper your knowledge of fashion trends current and past, and the more adept you are at negotiation and communication, the better you’ll be at your job.  Being a fashion merchandiser means being an expert, so it’s important to keep developing your expertise.  In addition to being a commercially-viable part of the fashion design industry, you’ll also have opportunities to grown and learn, developing and deepening your skills over the course of your career.  For someone with ambition and curiosity, it’s this aspect of the fashion merchandise job description that’s perhaps most appealing.

In addition to having your finger on the pulse of the design world, a chance to work with lots of different kinds of people in a variety of situations, and the power to influence what the average joe and average jane on the street are wearing in their daily lives, the job description of a fashion merchandiser includes the opportunity for true life-long learning, as you immerse yourself in the business of fashion.

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