Fashion marketers have just as important a job as the designers, which is why a career in this field is very demanding as well as rewarding financially.  While starting salaries vary greatly for someone entering the field of fashion marketing, there is huge potential for growth as well as an increase in earning potential.  Thankfully, even though there is a degree of education that needs to be gained, there is a lot of potential for growth while on the job and experience equals a higher salary.

As you start off in the fashion marketing field you can expect to start off with a lower salary base, but at this point you will be entering starting positions within the industry including purchasing agents, merchandise managers, working on ad campaigns, and assisting and consulting with fashion designers.  The surprising news is that unlike the salaries of fashion designers, salaries for fashion marketers have increased steadily and show every indication that they will continue to.  Still, most of the determining factors as to how much you can earn depends on your own career aspirations and goals as well as the design house and the capacity you take up with them. 

While it is true that the education and experience you have when you go into the field to look for a position will do a lot to determine how much you make.  The other big factor in deciding how much you can earn when you begin is the house you gain employment in and the position you start out with.  Students entering the field have been able to earn starting salaries in the range of thirty to forty thousand just using what they have learned in a college of design.  As fashion marketers gain more experience and rise within the ranks of a design house, you can expect your salary to rise anywhere up to seventy thousand dollars on the best terms.

In addition to salaries rising in the last few years, career opportunities in the field of fashion marketing have increased and diversified.  With the growth of the internet and types of ad campaigns possible, there are even more avenues of employment open to students depending on what area they want to pursue.  For these reasons, as well as the importance of having the best fashion marketing staff possible, many positions in the marketing department are more lucrative salary wise than the design team.  Without marketing and a motivated staff there is no way to get the clothing sold and into the stores where people will see them. 

Earning a livelihood in the career of your dreams is entirely possible through traditional schooling or even with an online degree.  Starting and further salaries are quite impressive for fashion marketers, and considering the condition of the economy it is nice to know that there is a field that continues to grow strongly enough to provide stability.  The diversity among job possibilities in the field give you even more wiggle room for salary potential and keep anyone from feeling too restricted in using the knowledge they have gained.

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