If you are keen on working as a fashion marketer, then, you should find out about it before embarking on your career. What is the fashion marketing job description? What are the tasks involved? If you are well-prepared, you might be very successful indeed! Preparation is half the battle!

Fashion marketing covers a very wide industry and it is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of competition in fashion industry. If you want to be at the top, you need to work very hard!

Before going into the job description of fashion marketing, it is important to clarify certain positions which often get mistaken with that of a fashion marketer. Positions such as fashion buyer and fashion merchandiser are different from fashion marketer. People often get them confused. The reason is very simple. They are very much closely related! Depending on the size of the firm, budget planning and resources, a company may hire you to carry out the functions of all three or two! So, before choosing your fashion marketing degree or diploma, you should check that the course program covers all three: fashion marketing, fashion buying and fashion merchandising!

To put it in simple terms, fashion merchandising involves connecting the relevant fashions by anticipating your consumer‘s wants! For example, you may mix and match certain clothes to make them attractive to your customer. Your business acumen really plays a role here! Fashion buyers make the decisions on what items should be sold based on market trends. Hence, their decision is critical to the fashion business. In comparison, fashion marketers do a lot of fashion promotion.

The job description for fashion marketing sounds simple enough! But, in reality, it is not just a matter of promoting! Apart from advertising “genius”, a fashion marketer should be equipped with business and design sense together with a sound knowledge of the fashion industry to be really successful! It is a fashion marketer who brings new clothing designs to the attention of the relevant public. The fashion marketer has to study the market trends and consumer buying patterns. Why?

Because, the fashion marketing job description covers efficient advertising of the “right” fashion clothes to the “right” consumer group! By right consumer group, it could refer to age or different walks of life or any other. Targeting the correct consumer group, the fashion marketer has to set up an effective advertising campaign. Advertising is crucial to create consumer interest in the fashionable clothes. A fashion marketer has to think of creative ideas with an astute mind for advertising campaigns to attract consumers!

Other than keeping track of the current fashions, the fashion marketer also has to predict the future fashion trends. Fashion designers needs input from fashion marketers before creating the appropriate future designs. Thus, fashion marketers have to come up with the correct “visions” to make a breakthrough in fashion business!

If you think that the fashion marketing job description fits you like a glove, then, go all out for it! You are sure to achieve fame and glory in the fashion industry!

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