Obtaining fashion employment can be extremely awarding but also extremely challenging due to heavy industry competition. Talent, hard work, networking, and experience are essential elements to landing that dream job in fashion. Students interested in fashion can pursue many academic programs to learn the ins and outs of fashion, including in clothing design, photography, sales, and marketing.

Students or inexperienced works who want to get into the fashion employment door can gain experience through internships and apprenticeships. Eventually, an internship may lead to long-term employment in fashion.

There many job positions you can hold in the fashion industry. You can work in sales, as a designer, as a fashion reporter, and a stylist. Many of these jobs in fashion employment require that you understand fashion trends, have a creative mind, and are very hardworking. Genius styling ideas and networking can also take you far in the fashion industry, as well as the ability to work under pressure and with tight deadlines.

A talent for writing that’s mixed with a passion for fashion can be a perfect combination for a career as a fashion blogger, at a fashion magazine, or at a public relations firm in the fashion industry. Today, fashion employment spans a number of different fields, styles, generations, and interests, so it is easy to find a niche that most appeals to you. Or you can work at more corporate fashion companies which have employment opportunities ranging from business development to sourcing and production. The fashion industry is more accessible than ever, which means there are plenty of jobs to be found.

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