It is such sheer joy to see models conquering the spotlight on their trendy clothes, accessories and bags.  These alluring models usually get much of the attention and admiring stares from audiences.  However, behind every show, the fashion designer is the most applauded and awarded person.  Well, being able to show the world one’s creations can be a fulfilling endeavor that many people are enticed to join the business.   Fashion design requires a lot of creativity, a special eye for aesthetics and management skills. 

So what does a fashion designer exactly do?  Is there such a thing as a fashion design job description like any other day job?  Fashion design is an all-encompassing profession.  Everything that is worn in the body – clothing, accessories, and footwear – is part of the scope of fashion designing.   Moreover, it is part of a fashion designer’s job to produce things and accessories for people of all ages and gender. 

Some designers are comfortable in specializing in one area while the others develop flexibility in making creations for all fashion aspects.  The same is true with the whole designing system.  Depending on the size or type of firm the designer works for, he or she is tasked to focus on a certain stage and level.  There are designers who help in the mass production while others do custom designing or have their own shops to display and market their creations. 

Designing is not also just about making sketches for the end-product.  Fashion design job description includes the whole process of researching for fashion trends and choosing the right fabric to the final stages of production.  The fashion design process is actually an interesting blend of people who work together on a common goal.  Sometimes, designers rely on those who make trend reports on which to develop their fashion predictions.  Style reporters present colors and fabrics that are likely to be the “in” thing for a particular period.  Meanwhile, the designers start to make their initial sketches based on the reports.  Sketching is like the main job for any fashion designer.  Fabric manufacturers then work on these potential fabric fashions so the designers can choose from them.  Most fashion designers with fresh experience in the field start with making patterns and sewing the products together. 

From here, the fashion model starts her job as trial clothing is made and reviewed for some improvements and modifications.  The designer then decides which one among the prototypes can be recommended for final manufacturing.  The finished products are then sold by the retailers and end up with fashion-conscious clientele.  Sometimes, the models put them on first in a fashion show while the retailers choose which ones they want to sell and thus recommend for manufacturing.  From start to finish, fashion design evidently creates a big impact on each of production stages. 

A fashion design job description does not simply end here though.  Fashion design is a dynamic industry that it continues to evolve with technology.  For instance, one tool that is a must in designing is Computer Aided Design or CAD.  With CAD, the design stages get enhanced and quickened as it allows for the sketches to be transposed in the computer.  From there, the design simulation can easily take place with as many trials with color schemes and modifications. 

The ultimate fashion design job description includes the tasks of being a head designer who supervises a number of budding fashion designers.

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