Locals and foreigners alike can make their fashion design dreams a reality when they step into the Vancouver Fashion Design schools. Studying in the Vancouver campuses of the Art Institute of Vancouver and the Vancouver College of Art and Design grants you the privilege of being immersed in the vibrant fashion culture of a top global city. 

On the roster of Vancouver Fashion Design schools, the Art Institute of Vancouver is a recommended institution for you to study fashion design. Here, you can choose among fashion design and merchandising, fashion design and merchandising and foundation for design or fashion marketing and management. For the 1st option, you can learn sewing, flat pattern drafting, tailoring, and draping among others. The 2nd option allows you to learn final product merchandising and design principles. The last choice lets you develop your sales skills such as marketing, buying and merchandising, publicity, and retail management among others.

Also on the hot seat is the Vancouver College of Art and Design (VCAD). Taking up Fashion Design here enables you to grow creatively and professionally. You learn drawing, Photoshop usage, creating garments, the fashion industry, textiles, predicting fashion trends, and digital pattern making among others. Build your portfolio during the course and you can impress future prospects for opportunities. Completing this program opens your door to designing, styling, pattern-making, and being in fashion retail. You can finish it in six terms. 

When your education from the Vancouver Fashion Design schools ends, you can begin your exciting and challenging lifestyle in the global fashion design industry. Meeting professionals who can inspire you to be successful in this field will be real. The alluring scenery surrounding you in Vancouver translates into a rewarding educational experience here.


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