Santa Barbara fashion design schools offer a wide range of programs for the aspiring fashion designer. As a student you’ll learn the skills you need to make it in the fashion industry.

If fashion is something you’re passionate about and you want to study the subject in California, consider applying to a few Santa Barbara fashion design schools. The city has several well-known campuses, so if you live in the area or intend to pursue a degree or diploma here, it won’t be difficult to find a program that’s right for you.

Some Santa Barbara fashion design schools include the Brooks Institute, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Westmont College (the latter two offer degrees in Arts and Design.)

Fashion design schools teach a wide array of different skills you’ll need in the workforce, including sketching, pattern making, sewing, merchandising, advertising, and more. As a student you’ll be learning about clothing design as well as the business side of the industry.

Every fashion school is different – some focus more on merchandising than clothing design, while others cater to students interested in costume design or haute couture. Essentially, fashion design schools teach students the many skills required to make it in the business no matter what aspect of the industry you intend to pursue after graduation.

From a business perspective, you’ll learn about the retail and wholesale fashion industry, study trends, and analyze the market. The professors teaching these courses are usually experienced professionals adept at fashion marketing and merchandising who teach about everything from market strategies to retail management.

Study in Sunny California

California is the perfect place to earn a degree or certificate in fashion design. The schools are top-notch, the fashion industry is thriving in the state’s major cities, and the weather is fantastic! Santa Barbara fashion design schools in particular offer a unique atmosphere that draws throngs of talented students from across the country to the area each year.

Your Future

What careers do people go into after studying fashion design? There are many opportunities in the field of fashion ranging from design to photography. Here are a few choices:

Lead Designer
What most people think of when they hear about fashion design. Lead designers work up designs for pieces or whole lines of clothing. The job involves coming up with sketches and supervision of final patterning and construction. Some lead designers are self-employed, while others work for apparel manufacturers.

Technical Designer
These people take the lead designer’s work from prototype to full production. They are responsible for working up specifications for new clothing, producing samples, and working with marketing and production facilities to make sure everything turns out right.

Patternmakers put together the master patterns for the shapes and cuts created by the designers. In most cases this is done on computer.

Marketers work on the advertising side of the fashion industry, inspiring people to purchase new designs and accessories. Marketing efforts involve more than straightforward advertising – often you have to deal with celebrities and the Hollywood crowd to get big names to wear your clientele’s designs, arrange booths at trade shows, organize lunches and demonstrations, and send free samples to trendsetters to get the word out.

These people work for retail establishments and are responsible for making the clothing sold in stores attractive to the customer. They choose which pieces to sell and which to highlight to the consumer.

Other jobs in the industry include sourcing specialist, buyer, stylist, fashion writer, photographer, and costume designer.


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