Fashion designs schools in New Jersey offer associate and bachelor degrees in fashion design for those wanting to go into this industry. These programs provide all the necessary training for students to work in the fashion field directly after graduation. A general fashion design program will allow the student to delve into all different aspects of the fashion industry. Individuals can become fashion directors, fashion designers, product managers, fashion product developers, merchandise directors, and technical directors for a fashion label.

Fashion design schools in New Jersey aim to help students conceptualize several related pieces of apparel, solve a range of problems and to place pieces in the proper historical context, show all the documentation that is needed to successfully produce a prototype of a piece of fashion, and to have a full understanding of different marketing techniques, textiles, and international design. Some of the courses that are used to help teach all of this information include drawing, technical skills for fashion design, sewn product construction, digital portfolio development, advanced sewing techniques, and computer techniques.

One specific area within fashion design is one that focuses primarily on marketing and merchandising for the fashion industry. An associate degree in this concentration can easily transfer into a full four-year marketing or administration degree program at New Jersey fashion design schools. Individuals that focus on marketing typically work as corporate apparel managers, retail product developers, merchandising directors, and sourcing specialists. While the courses required will include the basics of fashion, many of the courses will also focus on finance and marketing.

Other fashion design schools in New Jersey offer a degree in fashion studies. As with the general fashion design degree, fashion studies teach a range of topics that can be used in a variety of apparel-related programs. Many students will begin their studies in this field and then transfer to a more specific course once they have discovered their true passions in fashion. This degree normally requires a range of general education courses, with students typically needing to take at least one course in history, natural science, arts and humanities, mathematics, and social sciences.

With a bachelor’s degree from fashion design schools in New Jersey, students will be ready for entry-level positions in the fashion industry. The location of schools in New Jersey is perfect since the state is very close to New York City, which is often called one of the world’s fashion capitals. Students studying at fashion design schools in New Jersey should also look into internships with companies, as these internships are excellent experiences to prepare the student for what the real fashion industry is like. Internships are available at design houses, retail stores, and even fashion magazines.

Many of the fashion design schools in New Jersey that offer degrees in this field are four-year colleges, community colleges, and vocational and technical schools. When applying for fashion design schools, it is important to look at the qualifications needed for each program. Different schools will have different requirements. Some programs admit students that do not have any experience, while others will require a portfolio. Some schools will require standardized tests, while other may not. There are also different financial-aid opportunities for each school. Check with the financial-aid department at the school as well as the funding opportunities available from the state or federal government.


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