Fashion design salaries have been around the same range for the past several years, and the field has also had one of the most varied starting ranges compared to most other professions.  Knowing exactly how much you can expect to make upon entering the fashion design world is almost impossible because starting salary ranges are as wide as the career possibilities that will be available to you. If you know more or less what you want to do in the fashion world though, it is easier to know what to expect once you have finished with a fashion design program or training. 

What you can expect to earn as a fashion designer really does boil down to how you decide to pursue a career in the fashion world as well as other factors, including, experience, connections, education and of course dedication.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which gathers information regarding salaries and employment for every profession possible, a person starting out in this field can expect to earn anywhere from thirty to forty thousand but this is when you jump right into the field as a salaried designer.  Designers with more experience and designing a line of their own can expect to make much more per year based on the success of their lines. 

If you decide to enter the fashion world working with an already established designer, you can expect a steady salary that is well above what most would earn going into business for yourself.  Working to manage the company on any level can come with a salary upwards of seventy thousand a year, those who work to actually make the clothing have an average yearly earning of sixty thousand and finally going into the business of doing the actual sales for those in the world of fashion design average about fifty five thousand annually.  These numbers are very rough and of course the salary you can expect working for a specific designer depends mostly on your own experience and how well the designer itself is doing. 

The story is very different for those who decide to self employ or break into the fashion design world on their own.  It can take a considerably longer period of time for a person to gain the success that they want and till they get there, there is little financial gain.  Many new and upcoming designers make it after lots of dedication, impressive creativity and a little help from those they are able to network within who are already in the field and can help them along.  In this area, the field is very competitive, but once you are in the potential is amazing and you can decide to grow your business and income in whatever way you want or imagine. 

There is so much to be done in the field of fashion design and the earning potential is only limited by the amount of your creativity and the public’s desire to own your clothing.  Many new designers choose to work for an established house while launching their own line so that they are able to earn a living wage without having to give up their career goals.

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