Fashion design may not be for everybody, but if one has determined with utmost confidence that it is the best-suited career for him or her then it is time to get ready for action.  What one can do is to submit applications to the appropriate fashion school and learn more about the craft.   If one has successfully completed the course, then it calls for careful preparations to get to the best fashion design firms. 

Either way, the entrance to these institutions will require a portfolio of the best work done.  A fashion design portfolio can present implicit and explicit information about the designer.  It displays one’s flair in fashion designing, creativity, experience, special skills, and abilities.  As a whole, the portfolio will show one’s evolution as a fashion designer.  Consequently, a fashion design portfolio can either make or break an application that is important to have an enticing overall impact.

But how does one go about making a collection of these creations and deciding which ones to include?  Here are some fashion design portfolio tips:

• Start with a presentation folder or a big portfolio and take note of its color and design.  They can be bought in school and office supplies shops or special craft stores. 

• If you want, you can put some small designs on the outside cover to make a nice first impression.  Display your wisdom about color schemes as well.   Giving a neat outside appearance is usually pleasing to the eyes. 

• Next, one useful fashion design portfolio tip is to organize the samples of your work with the use of a certain theme.  Thus, you can create a little story about your work that will make the viewer wanting to look for more.  Portfolio browsing by a potential employee is like reading a book.  So keep it as interesting as possible to the point that nobody turns you down. 

• Express your individuality by including samples that are relatively different from typical designs.  Do not hesitate to express yourself through your portfolio.  It is the right venue to release your deepest thoughts and desires. 

• Put in the final versions of your sketching samples in full color and size.  The finished products will show the amount of research and hard work that has been exerted on it.

• It is also important to include small pieces of fabric in the design works so that the reader will have an idea about your extent of knowledge and skills in this area. 

• Also, include the finished products of your work by taking pictures of models wearing them.  It is imperative then that one takes a camera along with him or her to be always prepared for the finishing touches.

• Meanwhile, if you want to go high-tech, then you can scan carefully selected pictures of your work and place the file in a disc for perusal.

• End the portfolio showing your dynamic and evolving characteristics to show that you seek continuous development in the fashion design industry. 

Therefore, the best fashion design portfolio tip is to make a unique pattern that will set it apart from the rest of the design portfolios.

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