If you are looking Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing or Fashion Merchandising classes in Tennessee we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing or Fashion Merchandising classes in TN and search for schools to request information:

The Art Institute of Tennessee

The Fashion Design program offers creative opportunities to transform design ideas into garments and accessories. Students are introduced to basic skills of construction in sewing, tailoring, flat pattern drafting, and draping to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of apparel engineering.


This course provides fashion-drawing experience as students experiment with various media and techniques, enabling them to express fashion ideas in a professional manner. Students learn skills and techniques needed to illustrate fashion design concepts and learn the unique style of fashion illustration, created by combining the study of human anatomy, fashion figure proportion and perspective, construction techniques, accessories, and professional presentation techniques.


Fabrics are studied from the raw stage through processing, spinning and weaving, to finishing. Students learn to identify and explain the appropriate characteristics and uses of different textiles, how to use human factors to create functional environments sensitive to the needs of the user, and identify compositions using color, materials, and textures, such as hue, saturation, and value.


This course helps the student to develop an understanding of operational objectives in the retail structure, with an emphasis on planning, control, profitability, and staffing in a retail environment. The use of industry technology and the responsibilities of retail executives are examined, along with career opportunities and ethical behavior of individuals entering the retail arena. Articles on these issues (from trade and general publications) are reviewed and discussed to better understand methods that have been created to expedite and increase profitability for the retailer.


Students learn the wide range of skills required to produce a successful store event or fashion show. They learn the role that creative and technical experts play, understanding all the elements of a show, from the runway, backdrop, special effects, and lighting, to the music, models, and the choreography, hair, make-up, and video teams.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Fashion Design program engages students in the process of apparel conceptualization, illustration, construction and marketing. Students will experiment with lines, colors, patterns, textures, functions and style in the design and creation of original garments. A study of the evolution of fashion provides the basis for the development of predictive skills in consumer behavior and trend forecasting. The Fashion Design program provides students with an interest in the Fashion Design industry the opportunity to enhance creative skills and to develop the technical competencies for employment in the field.

FASH 300 Pattern Techniques

This course will explore techniques of patternmaking used in product development including grading, various methods of knock-offs, and technical flats.

FASH 120 Textiles for Fashion

This course provides an introduction to textiles and the textile industry with a focus on terminology, fiber properties, yarns, and fabric characteristics. Emphasis is on the selection, performance, use, and care of textiles. The construction, dyeing, printing, and finishing of textiles will be explored.

FASH 230 Draping II

Students apply skills acquired in Draping I to develop greater proficiency in advanced draping techniques and apparel design.

FASH 340 Apparel Production II

This course will cover product development with emphasis on methods for cutting, assembly, and managing the manufacture of garments through the production process. Course includes production and merchandising relationships, and tech pack development.


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