If you are looking Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing or Fashion Merchandising classes in Nevada we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Fashion classes in NV and search for schools to request information:

The Art Institute of Las Vegas

The Fashion Design program offers creative opportunities to transform design ideas into garments and accessories. Students are introduced to basic skills of construction in sewing, tailoring, flat pattern drafting, and draping to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of apparel engineering.

FRM223 Trends & Concepts in Apparel

A comprehensive study of cultural and social issues that affect fashion and the emergence of trends. Students will analyze the meanings and importance of clothing and apply these concepts to contemporary society.

FRM140 Apparel Evaluation & Construction

This course is designed for fashion management students to evaluate the equation between quality and cost in garments. Students will be able to identify and analyze quality of trims, fabrics, and construction in relationship to price point. Included will be women’s sportswear, childrenswear, and menswear in a range of price points from high-end to discounted lines.

FRM220 Production Processes

This course presents an in-depth study of apparel production processes from design concept to finished product. Includes an overview of the fashion industries, including the terminology of fashion and an explanation of the three levels of the industry: design, production, and sales. Careers and the organization, structure, and problems of the garment industry are studied.

FRM325 Brand Marketing

Branding became a buzz word in 1990s advertising and marketing, but this process has evolved into a powerful way to organize and utilize an understanding of consumer needs and motivations in a changing marketplace. As the retail environment changes, marketing people can rely less on the traditional tools of print and broadcast media. Marketing strategists need to learn how to create an identity for their products and services and how to use that identity to support sales. This course is an introduction to the essential concepts and skills of brand marketing.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Fashion Design program engages students in the process of apparel conceptualization, illustration, construction and marketing. Students will experiment with lines, colors, patterns, textures, functions and style in the design and creation of original garments. A study of the evolution of fashion provides the basis for the development of predictive skills in consumer behavior and trend forecasting. The Fashion Design program provides students with an interest in the Fashion Design industry the opportunity to enhance creative skills and to develop the technical competencies for employment in the field.

FASH 105 Fashion Sketching I

This course demonstrates the relationship of clothing to the human figure, its proportion and how that translates into a line drawing or a ‘flat’, used by designers, manufacturers, retailers and merchandisers. Nomenclature of clothing items and parts and fashion vocabulary will be emphasized. Various drawing media will also be introduced.

FASH 310 Clothing Construction III

This course presents advanced sewing and construction techniques, including finishing of fine stylized garments and samples.

FASH 150 Clothing Construction II

Advanced construction techniques are explored, introducing specialized techniques and fabrics. Complete garments are sewn with an emphasis on assembly order, detail and accuracy.

FASH 220 Draping I

This course introduces the fundamentals of draping and the importance of grain and proportion as they affect the design of garments.


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