If you are looking for Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing or Fashion Merchandising classes in Arizona we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Fashion classes in AZ and search for schools to request information:

Collins College

Fashion is certainly one of the more glamorous careers – where creating and forecasting trends and attending fashion shows and designer showrooms can be part of your job. Personal style can be your starting point, but you need more than a flair for fashion to make it in this field. You can learn what it takes in our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Merchandising program.  It’s designed to help you gain the skills – along with the business knowledge – to take your creative ideas all the way from fashion sketch . . . to models on the runway . . . to the real women and men who will purchase them.

 Along with learning professional techniques for creating and producing your designs – including fabric and color selection, pattern drafting, draping, garment construction, and tailoring – you’ll have the opportunity to learn about fashion publicity and promotion, merchandising practices, store design, and global sourcing. When you graduate you should have a portfolio showcasing your best work – and an understanding of how fashions progress from design to runway to retail.

FASH105 Fashion Sketching I

This course demonstrates the relationship of clothing to the human figure, its proportion and how that translates into a line drawing or a ‘flat’, used by designers, manufacturers, retailers and merchandisers. Nomenclature of clothing items and parts and fashion vocabulary will be emphasized. Various drawing media will also be introduced.

FASH220 Draping I

This course introduces the fundamentals of draping and the importance of grain and proportion as they affect the design of garments.

FASH110 Clothing Construction I

Principles of basic construction and cutting techniques are studied and industrial sewing machines are used to construct a complete garment. A notebook of machine and hand-sewn samples is compiled for future reference. The focus of the course is on accuracy, technique and neatness.

FASH260 Fashion Design I

This course will investigate the elements and principles of design to solve specific apparel design problems related to fashion markets.

The Art Institute of Tucson

The Fashion Design program offers creative opportunities to transform design ideas into garments and accessories. Students are introduced to basic skills of construction in sewing, tailoring, flat pattern drafting, and draping to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of apparel engineering.


In this course, students will continue to build on their basic construction standards and techniques as applied to the apparel industry. The students will become familiar with industrial sewing equipment and its applications.


In this course, the students study textile design as related to the garment and textile industry. Students develop and implement designs using a variety of dyeing and printed techniques. This course covers the creation of prints on paper using a variety of techniques. Students will apply their designs on fabric using block printing, resist techniques and painting.


This course will enable students to identify the major categories of textiles, including knits and wovens. There is special emphasis on textile terminology, fiber identification, and appropriate textile selection for a variety of end uses, including apparel and home furnishings. Students will be introduced to the regulations and laws that apply to the textile and apparel industry. They will research and source textile manufacturers and mills relevant to product development.


Advanced study of direct fabric manipulation on the form. More complex 3-D patternmaking will be studied. Students will be working with a variety of fabric


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