If you are looking for Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing or Fashion Merchandising classes in Vancouver we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing or Fashion Merchandising classes in Vancouver and search for schools to request information:

Vancouver College of Art and Design

The Fashion Design program is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the exciting field of fashion design. This program provides the practical and technical skills necessary to be successful in this field. Students learn about the concepts of design, layout, colour theory, fashion illustration and design, fashion marketing, pattern making, and garment construction. A balanced combination of classroom theory and studio time allows the student to gain a solid understanding of the industry, trends, and apparel production. Students will become technically proficient with the software packages used to produce patterns, flats and a personal PR kit. By the end of this program, through a capstone experience students will have assembled a portfolio and apparel line that showcases their ability to translate creative ideas into professional design concepts and a final garment collection.

FM20C Fashion Marketing & Promotion

Fashion Marketing is defined as more than just “selling”: it is creating in the consumer the need and want to purchase fashion goods using a strategy of correct pricing and placement of goods, product offerings and promotional techniques targeted to the correct marketing segment. In this course, students are introduced to basic fashion marketing principles.

FD40C Fashion Design I

This course introduces the elements and principles of fashion design. The course emphasizes the role of color and texture throughout the apparel design process in the context of fashion design problems. Students will learn how to communicate solutions visually and verbally through team building exercises. This course provides students with the opportunity to clearly articulate a plan for their final collection and begin to develop a look book.

FM30E Visual Display & Merchandising

Visual display and merchandising is the artistic staging that makes the shopper stop, look and buy. All promotional marketing ends up with this point of sale display of merchandise, therefore knowledge is vital to any student entering the merchandising or marketing retail environment.

FD40B Digital Pattern Making I

This course introduces students to computer-aided design for pattern making. Students will learn how to transfer pattern drafts to a computer with industry standard software. This course introduces the digital equivalents of pattern creation, alterations on existing product patterns, grade rule tables and marker making. Through hands-on experience students will gain knowledge of the system’s capabilities to digitize and modify designs, manage files, plot patterns, and apply grade rules. Students will learn how to create a model, enter specs on a technical design sheet, and create a production-ready garment.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Fashion Design program engages students in the process of apparel conceptualization, illustration, construction and marketing. Students will experiment with lines, colors, patterns, textures, functions and style in the design and creation of original garments. A study of the evolution of fashion provides the basis for the development of predictive skills in consumer behavior and trend forecasting. The Fashion Design program provides students with an interest in the Fashion Design industry the opportunity to enhance creative skills and to develop the technical competencies for employment in the field.

FASH 340 Apparel Production II

This course will cover product development with emphasis on methods for cutting, assembly, and managing the manufacture of garments through the production process. Course includes production and merchandising relationships, and tech pack development.

FASH 310 Clothing Construction III

This course presents advanced sewing and construction techniques, including finishing of fine stylized garments and samples.

FASH 202 Computer Graphics for Fashion Design

This course covers the basics of computer illustration as applied to fashion design. Focus will be on computer needs for the fashion industry and will include scanning and manipulation of line drawings, fabric and other images.

FASH 260 Fashion Design I

This course will investigate the elements and principles of design to solve specific apparel design problems related to fashion markets.

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