There are many art schools in the world that are known for being among the elite. Among those top art schools are a handful that stand out from the rest. Pratt Institute, the California Art Institute, Camberwell College of Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Art Institute of Chicago are considered to be famous art schools that are revered by artists and aspiring students throughout the world.

The Pratt Institute School of Art and Design is a famous art institution in Brooklyn, New York. Students at the Pratt Institute School of Art and Design are guided by experienced professors with extensive knowledge in constructing quality art. Pratt Institute offers a total of 30 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Another of the respected and famous art schools in the world is the California Institute of the Arts, located in Valencia, California near Los Angeles. This art school is the first in the United States to provide students with a chance to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

Camberwell College of Arts is a design and art school located in South London. Camberwell College of Arts is famous worldwide for its prestige and history. This art institute was formed over a century ago.

The Rhode Island School of Design was founded in 1877 in Providence, Rhode Island. This art institute provides their students with an opportunity to earn a master’s and bachelor’s degree in design and fine arts.

Last, but not least, the Art Institute of Chicago, located in Illinois, is one of the world-famous art schools. This art school, also a well-known museum, offers a total of 18 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

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