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Artists and designers in all fields need either a basic or advanced degree in order to nab the highest-paying and most lucrative positions. Even artists who work on their own (and a high percentage of traditional fine artists do) will need to learn the techniques of their medium and keep up with the latest equipment and supplies. For this, the budding artist needs to attend art school, or get some kind of creative education.

If the high cost of an art education has held you back up to this point, never fear, there are many programs available to help fund your schooling. Financial aid assistance for art education will generally fall into the following categories:

  • Scholarships
  • Loans, often from the government or private lenders who specialize in educational loans
  • Grants
  • Work-Study programs, which are often awarded as part of a loan program

The best way to learn more about financial aid, scholarships, and art education grants is to talk to the admissions officers at the school of your choice. All art schools will actively assist you to find tuition aid so that you can get started on your art education as soon as possible. The cost of a four-year undergraduate degree in art can run as high as $50,000 to $70,000. However, there are many programs of shorter duration at outstanding art institutes and private colleges that will cost you far less.

The key to getting scholarships, grants and ample financial aid for your art education is to communicate with the admissions department of your school and apply early. Many art schools award money on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be prompt. Remember, these schools have your best interests at heart. They want you to come and enjoy a creative education at their art school, so they are dedicated to helping you find the necessary funds.

You may be wondering if all this effort, not to mention going into debt to pursue an art career, is worth it. For the person with a creative bent, the rewards of an art education will be many. There are over 1,000 different kinds of jobs available under the art umbrella, ranging from being a self-employed fine artist, to teaching art, to working in art education or art therapy. Beyond those traditional art occupations, consider all the related design and craft fields. You could parlay your art education into a career as a graphic designer, a web designer, or a fashion designer. The field of industrial design is booming. And architectural drafts people are always in high demand.

It is important to remember that the world craves beauty, and artists are the ones who provide it to us. Beyond that basic consideration, there are technological advances creating new art careers every day. So the answer to the question of whether it is worth it to pursue an art education is a resounding yes.

Art Education

What is Art Education

Art education is a field wherein learning and knowledge is based upon what you see. When you pursue a degree in art education, you will learn about a wide variety of art subjects such as visual arts, art design, and even fashion. You can apply what you have learned in practical areas like graphic design, interior design, or venture into painting or sculpture. Students who graduate from art schools build a career out of what they have been taught. The good and lucky students have the ability to turn into famous individuals in the art world. 

A Creative Education

Creative education defies prejudices, intensifies abstract comprehension and employs a system which focuses on the benefit of the learner. When you study the arts, you will be able to create a level of understanding towards a subject. Students of arts become well-formed individuals with the ability to perceive situations from diverse perspectives.

The role of art educators is not limited to teaching the students the nuances of an art form. The instructor is responsible for cultivating the students’ interest in art into a lifelong passion. Art provides a sound foundation for an effective society. Democracy develops freely when all restrictions are dissolved and art provides a pedestal which is free from suffocating restrictions. With art, you will be able to express what you feel without anyone telling you that it is not proper.

The Benefits of Acquiring an Art Education

Art, the fountainhead of creativity, holds a unique niche in the didactic and social progression. Art is an essential means of communication as well.
Art is the celebration of an individual's creativity. People who have a passion for painting, animation, fashion designing, architecture, or photography might want a formal education in their chosen field to be able to turn their passion into their profession.
Every human being is different. Their individuality, perceptions, experiences and ardors differ from one another to a great extent. There might be many reasons behind a person’s desire for pursuing art education.
While a writer finds joy over his pen and paper, an artist forgets the world when he is in front of his canvas, putting all his emotions into every stroke of the brush. It is the inner urge that drives them towards the search of formal training, to hone their skills.
The National Arts Education Public Awareness Campaign presents some of the benefits of art education:

  • Children who study arts become more broadminded, open, and passionate.
  • Arts reinforce self-confidence in children and help improve their academic performance.
  • Arts enable people to express their feelings and opinions creatively.
  • Individuality is promoted by art.
  • Troubled youths can find arts as an alternative to delinquency.
  • Arts foster creative education that captures dormant enthusiasm for learning in truant students and increase interest in schooling.
  • Art education can benefit even those people who lack artistic talents. Educational curriculum that incorporates art helps build up problem-solving skills, analytical ability, creative thinking, and team spirit.

Express Your Thoughts and Emotions with Arts

The study of art, careful analysis, and review of the works of past masters help aspiring and established artists to know more about the particular form they fancy. Formal education gives direction to one’s personal artistic style.  Studying art will help you learn new techniques that have been employed by the artistic media.

Artistic education is priceless; no one will be able to curb your creativity. As you grow older, the talent which you possess is still inherent. Students who excel in arts should be motivated to join art schools and develop their ability. Stifling a child’s creativity by demoralizing the value of art can prove to be detrimental for the personality of the child.

When you have a hard time expressing your thoughts and your feelings, turn to art. If ever you are full of pent-up anger, let it out through molding a pot. When you feel empty inside, you can sit in front of an easel and sketch out a breathtaking landscape. Art is one of the greatest ways of letting out what you feel, so that these emotions will not get bottled up inside of you. When you study arts, you will be able to understand the subject more. And you will be able to apply it on other purposes, not just as a way of venting your frustrations.

Financing a Student’s Art Education

When you want to acquire a formal education on arts and you do not have enough financial support, you can avail of an art education grant. This will enable you to enhance your skills even if you do not have income. On the other hand, art colleges can also avail of a grant so that they can implement well-rounded art programs. There are many types of art grants, which do not need reimbursements. However, the institution or individual looking for a grant must be able to provide a valid reason for needing it.

The grant in art education can be provided by state or federal government, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, research institutes, funding corporations or private sponsors. For students who want to apply for an art education grant, they will have to provide their personal information. But sometimes, only written statements that explain the necessity for the monetary support are required. Individuals seeking the grant need to meet specific financial and academic requirements in order to be eligible for the grant application. Oftentimes some particular course of study needs to be undertaken for being eligible for education grants.

Career Options 

When you have acquired a formal education in arts, you are going to have a bright future. The concept of the famished artist struggling with his artwork in a cold attic is obsolete. Modern artists, when equipped with talent and training, have a vast selection of art-related career opportunities presented before them. 

  • A student can take up studio arts that involve creation and display of paintings, sculpture, photography, and such other art forms. If one is really good, their art work can generate lucrative sales offers, bringing in bountiful income.
  • The field of design arts has a high demand. This includes interior designing, architecture, graphic design, and product modeling. The market for artists within this field is growing.
  • A student can decide to focus on the knowledge of art and go on to become an art critic or an art historian. 
  • Artists today are finding employment in areas like advertising, motion pictures, television, game design, publishing, illustration, and related services.
  • Modern emerging trends include web designing and computer graphics,

The fine arts do not strictly need formal training, but in order to acquire dexterity and a living out of it, a degree or certification is essential. Art colleges and schools often provide internship opportunities to gifted students. A formal degree is required in the commercial world to gain art careers.

Search & Browse over 2,800 Art Schools

Search and sort results by:
Clovis Community College Advertising | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Clovis, NM 4282 Town/Rural Public
SUNY College at Potsdam Arts Management | Performing Arts Four-year school Potsdam, NY 4299 Town/Rural Public
Clark State Community College Advertising | Photography Two-year school Springfield, OH 4032 Suburb Public
University of Utah Architecture | Film, Video, TV | Graphic Design | Performing Arts Four-year school Salt Lake City, UT 29284 City Public
University of San Francisco Advertising | Architecture | Graphic Design | Performing Arts | Web Design & New Media Four-year school San Francisco, CA 9008 City Private
Northwest Louisiana Technical College Fine Art, Drawing, Painting | Graphic Design Two-year school Minden, LA 829 Town/Rural Public
Transylvania University Performing Arts Four-year school Lexington, KY 1092 City Private
Bennington College Animation | Architecture | Film, Video, TV | Fine Art, Drawing, Painting | Game Design | Graphic Design | Landscape Architecture | Performing Arts | Photography | Visual Effects Four-year school Bennington, VT 808 Town/Rural Private
International Academy of Design and Technology - San Antonio Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Graphic Design Four-year school San Antonio, TX 476 City Private
Harding University Advertising | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Fine Art, Drawing, Painting | Graphic Design | Interior Design | Performing Arts | Web Design & New Media Four-year school Searcy, AR 6484 Town/Rural Private
University of Houston - Downtown Performing Arts Four-year school Houston, TX 12742 City Public
American River College Advertising | Animation | Audio Production | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Fine Art, Drawing, Painting | Graphic Design | Illustration | Interior Design | Performing Arts | Photography | Visual Effects | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Sacramento, CA 35413 Suburb Public
ITT Technical Institute - Little Rock Animation | CAD, Drafting | Game Design | Graphic Design | Visual Effects | Web Design & New Media Four-year school Little Rock, AR 695 City Private
Spokane Falls Community College Advertising | Audio Production | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Interior Design | Photography | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Spokane, WA 9555 Town/Rural Public
Westwood College - Chicago Loop Animation | Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Game Design | Graphic Design | Interior Design | Visual Effects | Web Design & New Media Four-year school Chicago, IL 885 City Private
Westmoreland County Community College Advertising | Architecture | Audio Production | CAD, Drafting | Film, Video, TV | Graphic Design | Photography | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Youngwood, PA 7089 Suburb Public
University of Mobile Performing Arts Four-year school Mobile, AL 1570 Town/Rural Private
Indian Capital Technology Center - Muskogee CAD, Drafting | Graphic Design Two-year school Muskogee, OK 706 Town/Rural Public
Community College of Allegheny County Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Graphic Design | Performing Arts | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Pittsburgh, PA 20520 City Public
Delta School of Business and Technology CAD, Drafting Two-year school Lake Charles, LA 345 City Private
Castleton State College Advertising | Performing Arts | Web Design & New Media Four-year school Castleton, VT 2191 Town/Rural Public
University of Illinois at Chicago Architecture | Film, Video, TV | Graphic Design | Illustration | Performing Arts | Photography Four-year school Chicago, IL 26840 City Public
Clarendon College Architecture | Performing Arts Two-year school Clarendon, TX 1427 Town/Rural Public
Wake Technical Community College Advertising | Animation | Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Game Design | Landscape Architecture | Visual Effects Two-year school Raleigh, NC 15203 Suburb Public
Immaculata University Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising Four-year school Immaculata, PA 4302 Suburb Private
ITT Technical Institute - Fort Myers CAD, Drafting | Web Design & New Media Four-year school Fort Myers, FL 42 Suburb Private
University of Phoenix - Sacramento Valley Campus Web Design & New Media Four-year school Sacramento, CA 3844 City Private
Northeast Mississippi Community College Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Fine Art, Drawing, Painting | Interior Design | Performing Arts | Photography | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Booneville, MS 3633 Town/Rural Public
Keiser University - Ft Lauderdale Animation | CAD, Drafting | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Visual Effects Four-year school Fort Lauderdale, FL 16882 City Private
Mercer County Technical Education Center CAD, Drafting Two-year school Princeton, WV 174 Town/Rural Public
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Performing Arts Four-year school Edwardsville, IL 13940 Suburb Public
Ursinus College Performing Arts Four-year school Collegeville, PA 1742 Suburb Private
Concordia College at Moorhead Advertising | Architecture | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Graphic Design | Performing Arts Four-year school Moorhead, MN 2811 Suburb Private
Norfolk State University Architecture | Performing Arts Four-year school Norfolk, VA 6993 City Public
Fox Valley Technical College CAD, Drafting | Graphic Design | Interior Design | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Appleton, WI 10258 Suburb Public
Bryan College - Dayton Performing Arts Four-year school Dayton, TN 1148 Town/Rural Private
Sam Houston State University Advertising | Animation | Architecture | Audio Production | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Film, Video, TV | Game Design | Interior Design | Performing Arts | Photography | Visual Effects Four-year school Huntsville, TX 16772 Town/Rural Public
Salem State University Advertising | Fine Art, Drawing, Painting | Illustration | Performing Arts | Photography Four-year school Salem, MA 10125 Suburb Public
Sanford - Brown College - St Peters Web Design & New Media Four-year school Saint Peters, MO 779 Suburb Private
Lane Community College Advertising | Animation | Game Design | Visual Effects Two-year school Eugene, OR 12691 Town/Rural Public
ITT Technical Institute - Getzville CAD, Drafting | Graphic Design | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Getzville, NY 588 Suburb Private
College of Lake County Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Grayslake, IL 18092 Suburb Public
Surry Community College Advertising | CAD, Drafting | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Dobson, NC 3599 Town/Rural Public
Western Nevada College Advertising | Architecture | CAD, Drafting Four-year school Carson City, NV 5229 Town/Rural Public
TechSkills - Charlotte Web Design & New Media Less than two years Charlotte, NC 151 City Private
Purdue University - Calumet Campus Architecture | CAD, Drafting Four-year school Hammond, IN 10133 Suburb Public
College of Alameda Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising Two-year school Alameda, CA 7302 Suburb Public
Hobart William Smith Colleges Architecture | Performing Arts Four-year school Geneva, NY 2115 Town/Rural Private
ITT Technical Institute - Tarentum CAD, Drafting | Graphic Design | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Tarentum, PA 315 Town/Rural Private
University of Phoenix - Central Massachusetts Campus Web Design & New Media Four-year school Westborough, MA 133 Town/Rural Private

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