Advertising employment can be greatly rewarding, especially for those individuals who thrive on creativity and innovation. A great advertiser has the ability convince consumers to purchase a service or product using a compelling message. A successful advertising campaign can lead to a profitable product, and a successful advertising idea requires thorough research, analysis, testing, strategy, budgeting, and more. Advertising agencies are sought after by client companies to create enticing marketing plans to increase sales.

A college degree is not a necessity to finding advertising employment. However, having a degree in marketing, communications, journalism, public relations, English, or related liberal arts majors will help you gain much needed knowledge in the field. Building a portfolio of any advertising campaigns you have worked on is beneficial if your goal is to be employed by an advertising agency. Interning at an advertising agency can help students acquire some experience and boost resumes. 

Advertising employment ranges from account planning and brand strategy to creating art designs or copy. Art directors and copywriters typically responsible for creative output, while strategists and planners create strategies, work with budgets, and oversee research and analysis. The goal of any advertising program is to ultimately get a consumer to buy a service or product. 

Salaries in advertising can vary greatly. The salary of an art director or copywriter can be anywhere from $35,000-$75,000 a year. A creative director is responsible for leading the creative department. The creative director can reject ideas, request modifications, and offer strategic suggestions. The salary of a creative director can range between $60,000 to over a $100,000 a year.


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