Studying fashion design in Emeryville, California may be the first step in your fashion career. Emeryville is a small city in the Bay Area of California, nestled between Oakland and Berkeley. Emeryville offers an art walking guide to enjoy creations by local artists, an “Art in Public Places” program, and you will be near the University of California at Berkeley, home to a repertory theatre company.

There are many careers you can pursue after completing a fashion design program. There are several degrees that you can use as steps on the path to your role in the fashion industry. You can find a program in Emeryville with an Associates degree in fashion design or a more intensive course of study for a Bachelors degree in fashion design. During your studies, you will learn about the terms and phrases used in the fashion industry. The vocabulary you need to communicate with other fashion experts will be the beginning of your studies. This will include learning about fabrics and textiles. You will also be learning about art history and fashion history. When you know where we’ve come from, you can better get us where we’re going.

You will work on sketching by hand so your designs can come to life! Part of many training programs will be using computers and computer aided design to create a design or a pattern. Studying the human anatomy will be included in any fashion education, because you need to make clothes that fit the body well. Courses will also include the business aspects of fashion, such as consumer behavior and trends. You need to know the business of buying and selling to know how to market your designs.

Finally, you will study fashion shows. You will learn how to market and promote your show and how to produce the show from start to finish. In your school, you will find professionals from the field of fashion and design. Also you may have guest professors from well-known designers in the fashion industry. The opportunity to study with experts in marketing, fashion merchandising, and design will be available. The choice of what field to pursue can be made after you complete school.

You may choose to balance the business and creative aspects of fashion in a way unique to you. A few of the areas you could pursue include designing a specific area of clothing for an existing line, creating your own line, being a costume designer for theatre or film, or being a personal shopper privately or with a store. The career options are virtually endless. You will enjoy Emeryville as a perfect place to live and study.

In Emeryville, you have easy access to public transportation and can explore all the delights of the Bay Area.

What better place for fashion inspiration than in the varied cultures of the San Francisco and Berkeley area. From the trendy to the hippie to the yuppie, you’ll have it all at your fingertips.


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