Electronics engineering, or electronic engineering as it is also known, is a type of engineering that makes use of the scientific knowledge and of the effects and behavior of electrons. This assists in the development of systems, devices, components and equipment. All of these use electricity as part of the driving force behind them. Items that use electronic engineering are integrated circuits, electron tubes, printed circuit boards and transistors. All of these products are used in many of the appliances that we use in our day to day lives. As these products are vital to the functioning of many items, an electronics engineering technology salary can be high when fully qualified. This particular field of engineering covers many other subjects that deal with telecommunications, instrumentation engineering, power, and a large amount of others. There are very few parts of an individual’s life that are not affected in some way by electronic engineering.

There are many different areas of expertise that you can be trained in at university. There really is no better field to be qualified in than electronic engineering though. The demand in this sector is constantly on the increase in many different industries. There are positions available in medical equipments companies, the appliances sector, mobile phone companies, telecommunications and automotive systems firms. All of these different areas require individual’s that hold expertise in electronic engineering technology.

The qualification to be become an electronics technology professional is relatively straight forward. It is vital to choose the correct university to attain your degree. To become a technician you will need to take a 2 year associate degree. This will allow you to secure an entry level electronics engineering technology salary. After this you can move to the advanced level to begin to further your career and thus your salary. This course will take a further 2 years. It is wise to enlist in one of the accredited universities to take your degree. This will put you in a better position when you begin your job search.

The field of electronic engineering is basically split into 2 parts. The electronics engineering technicians, and the electronics engineers. There are far more technicians jobs available in the US than there are engineers positions. Currently employed there are 182,000 technicians and only 142,000 engineers. The odds are certainly stacked in your favor if you are searching for a technician’s position. The salary for the engineers is higher than the technicians though. The average salary of an engineer is around $52,000, whereas the average for an advanced level technician (having completed the 4 year course) is around $46,000. These salaries will vary with experience. The starting electronics engineering salary, for both fields, is around $30,000. This can be raised to between $70,000 and $90,000 with around 20 years experience. Obviously this will largely depend on the size of your employer. Generally the larger the company, the larger the salary.

As with every different career there are always wide variations in salary. Electronic engineering is a solid profession to be trained in, and one that will continue to provide many jobs across the United States and the rest of the globe for many years to come.

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