Locating a Drafting College That is a Perfect Match for You

How to locate an excellent drafting college, as well as what the career entails and offers.

Making the right career choices isn’t an easy job. With a confused mind and incomplete research, choosing the best career options can be an extremely tough job. Similarly, if you are planning a career in drafting, having insufficient information won’t help. Here, we will discuss all about pursuing a career in this field and the educational requirements.

The first question that comes in mind is, “Why should I opt for the drafting career?” With proper education in the field, you can brighten your future. Job opportunities depend upon the level of your education. You can work for construction companies, engineering or design firms, manufacturing companies, government agencies, nuclear industries, architectural firms or oil companies. Moreover, after gaining experience in your field; you may have successful promotions like designations of lead drafter or engineering aide position. As far as the working environment is concerned, drafters usually work in comfortable offices. Most of the work requires sitting in front of the computer but sometimes the drafter has to do manual work on drawing boards.

Now, the next question, “What are the educational requirements?” Choosing subjects like mathematics, science, computer technology etc at the high school level is helpful before taking a college study program. Generally, drafting study programs range from 1-2 years in length where you have a wide variety of options available. Mechanical, civil, electrical or architectural drafting are certain focused areas to study in. Previously, drafters were supposed to produce drawings on drawing boards, using pencils, pens, compass etc but with the advancement in technology, the Computerized Aided Design (CAD) programs have been introduced. With the help of these programs, drafters can easily develop and store the drawings electronically, making it easier for the programming of drawings into automated manufactured systems.

During drafting programs, the students learn how to use CAD programs for creating drawings. Although, the use of CAD in drafting has made things easier, having knowledge and proper education in the field is still as important as it was before. After the completion of the Drafting education, the students may take the American Design Drafting Associate’s exam. Although taking the exam isn’t necessary to get an employment in drafting, having extra credentials has a positive impact on the drafter’s career.

“What are the factors to be kept in mind when choosing a drafting college?” Well, the first point to consider is the quality of the training program you pick for. You can contact certain employers and training schools to learn which college’s degree is mostly preferred. You should also do research about the educational standing of the institute you wish to join and other factors like the qualifications of teaching staff, college’s history etc.. There are both technical and community colleges that offer courses in drafting. The difference between the two is that technical institutes offer intensive training where as community colleges include more classes in theory and liberal arts. However, sometimes both play similar roles. So, it all depends on the research you perform and after analyzing all facts and figures, you can narrow down your list for potential institutes.

Here are some of the institutes that offer drafting programs in the United States.

1. Westwood College

2. The Arts Institute

3. ITT Technical Institute

4. Lincoln Tech

5. TESST College of Technology

6. Western Career College

Remember, the choice is yours! So, do the right research and make the final decision.

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