Getting a Diploma of Arts is a solution for those who are not yet ready to go to university or those who have not met the minimum criteria to enter into the degree they want to obtain. This type of degree program is designed to provide general education as well as the necessary skills used in the work environment.


A Diploma of Arts program is designed as a one-year study program. It can be used by students to gain entry into a university, especially if they have not met the criteria needed to enter into their first preferred course of study. Universities and four-year schools may sometimes have strict entry requirements and may deny entry to those who have not passed their standards. As an alternative, students can take a one-year study program, gain excellent credits and then re-apply for a four-year course. Some schools offering these one-year programs have agreements with four-year schools to absorb excelling students into their higher education bachelor’s degree programs.

A Diploma of Arts is also a good option for students who are not yet ready for college or have not d yet determined the career they wish to pursue. A one-year study program provides the necessary experience needed by these students to determine whether college is really right for them. In some instances, these programs pave the way towards making a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing one’s future career.

Subjects Included in the Study Program

A Diploma of Arts often includes subjects that are geared towards building general skills, including critical reading, effective writing, and social and cultural analysis. These generic subjects are relevant in several fields of study, especially the social sciences, arts and humanities. Taking these generic subjects often gives the students an idea of the career path they should choose.

The completion of the Diploma of Arts program opens up opportunities for graduates to get into a bachelor’s degree program in areas such as social sciences, history, political science, English, and the like. They can carry on with their studies through the academic credit system, allowing them to further their education in any chosen academic program. The academic program they choose will depend on the areas in which they excel and which they really want to pursue.

Career Prospects

Although getting a Diploma of Arts does not guarantee immediate employment, it may open up job opportunities, especially if you continue your education into a higher bachelor’s degree program. Education earned through a one-year study program often hones skills in verbal and written communication, social skills, work ethics, and other relevant skills.

If you continue your education, you can enter into careers in marketing, social welfare, international trade, human resources, psychology, politics, advertising, public relations and the like. The degree you pursue at a university depends on you and your experience when studying Diploma of Arts subjects.  There are diverse areas of study for the bachelor’s program, and it is important to choose your path wisely.


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