A digital arts program description provides students with the knowledge needed to decide if a career in digital arts is one they will enjoy. A comprehensive program provides students the opportunities to learn different disciplines with hands-on-experience, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Students can choose between a significant number of specialties offered.

Introduction to Animation is a combination of methods used for recording and editing. Metamorphosis, timing, key-frames, and in-betweens are principles that are covered. 

Interactive Multimedia teaches JavaScript and processing for mobile and online devices. Interactive art applications are part of the program, as well as HTML. Imaging software and computers are used to create drawings including graphic communication in Digital Drawing. Art students also benefit from taking basic computer programming, web development, and other concepts within the context of art. 

Students registered in Computer Animation Programs s are taught character animation, video, and narrative and non-narrative applications. This program covers 2D and 3D animation, and non-linear digital video compositing and editing. Imaging is focused on using still images in digital painting, digital photography, collage, and hybrid media. Different techniques are taught and include 3D ceramic rapid prototyping, scene composition, lighting, digital space and form, and model building. Various experimental methods are explored. 

A MFA in Digital Arts can prepare students with an interest in special effects onscreen CGI for a rewarding and lucrative career in cinematic arts. This is a three-year, six semester program with a focus on a career in cinema. At may top Art Schools and Universities, students must earn 50 credits for an MFA. Thirty five credits are from sequential courses. The remaining 15 credits are electives in cinematic arts. Although location is a factor, digital artists may earn anywhere from $52,000 up to $129,000 annually.

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