Digital animation schools provide training and education centered on moving visuals through the use of computer applications and programs. Artists who master the power of multimedia applications can create digital animations for films, television programs, advertisements, games, and the Web. A degree in digital animation can be obtained from various colleges and universities.

Obtaining a digital animation certificate or associate’s degree would be useful for those who want to augment their artistic skills. However, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in order to pursue a career in the field of digital animation. A master’s degree is also valuable credential, especially if you want to get access to better career opportunities in the field.

Digital animation schools that offer bachelor’s degrees provide their students with hands-on experience in design and drawing. During the coursework, students build their own portfolio and make digital animation projects. A bachelor’s degree usually allows the student to focus on a particular type of animation including 3D animation, game designs, and character modeling. Trainings in various computer animation and design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and other programs from reputed computer software companies are provided as well. In addition to the use of software, students are also taught how to create storylines, develop characters, and animate them.

A master’s degree in digital animation, often called Master of Fine Arts in Digital Animation, takes about 2 or 3 years to complete. During the duration of study, students learn the different animation trends and techniques as well as gain more knowledge in 2D and 3D motion graphics, character design and animation. As the study progresses, they are taught how to incorporate other elements like special effects and sounds to create a compelling story.

Digital animation schools produce graduates who can work as digital animators for various companies in the movie, advertising, and gaming industry. With the growing trend in the use of websites for business marketing, it is highly possible to get a job working for online clients who require digital animators for various advertisement and Web development projects. Nonetheless, game animators and digital animators for movies are also on the top list of careers to choose from.

Fresh graduates may have to start as apprentices for senior animators. However, they can also work as freelancers assisting various clients online. Some employers require applicants to have years of experience, hence it is a good choice to start working as a freelancer or an apprentice to gain a good deal of experience. Other employers may consider completed internships as a good source of experience; these student positions should always be listed on a resume when job hunting after graduation.

Additionally, a number of digital animation schools provide workshops and seminars that deal with new digital animation techniques, software, and the like. Workshops may last for days or weeks and can be a good way to enhance animation skills or simply a way to become up-to-date on the latest developments in modern animation. Sometimes tips and other useful information can be found on the blogs or websites of these schools.


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