Detroit Interior Design Schools

In today’s competitive work environment, training for a career in design at one of the Interior Design Schools in the City of Detroit (Michigan) provides students of all ages with a wide variety of choices of academic institutions where they can be trained for a variety of careers based in design.  Students can study on a full or part-time basis.

There are four highly regarded educational institutions whose programs are devoted to the study of design.  These institutions are The College for Creative Studies where students can specialize in all types of designs; illustration; crafts and jewelry; photography and the entertainment arts.   The International Academy of Design and Technology offers specializations in interactive media, visual communications, web and game design, and interior and fashion design. The Academy is a perfect choice for the student looking for a computer based education that will prepare him/her for a design technology-based career.  The University of Michigan School of Art and Design offers degrees in Fine Arts and nurtures students in the how to make the most of the creative process.  The University offers all types of arts and design courses, includes programs in the performing arts with specializations in dance, music and theatrical design.   The Art Institute of Michigan is a branch of the Illinois Institute of Art and provides “hand-on” design training in fashion, media and the culinary arts.

In addition, there are private and public colleges and universities that provide a liberal arts education and providing specialized training in a range of art and design programs.  They provide a wide variety of majors in art or fine arts, design as well as related fields such as photography or entertainment arts.   There are also several colleges and universities with design and arts program on the outskirts of Detroit that within an easy commute. There are also “on-line” educational institutions that allow students to study design on their home computers not only in schools based in the City of Detroit but all over the USA. 

The City of Detroit hosts a wide variety of design based industries and companies that can provide local students with relevant internships and part-time jobs.  The Motor City is a thriving arts community with a wide array of cultural institutions providing a nurturing environment for the budding designer, no matter his/her age, design aspirations or long term career goals.

Training as a Designer opens a wide range of career opportunities to the new graduate for part-time or full time employment in all economic sectors. Career choices include interior and graphic design, fashion design, space planning, art history, communication and working behind the scenes in television and motion pictures.   Spatial designers can work with architects designing new buildings, preparing specialized CAD drawings that provide the details of construction and provide the layouts for interiors.  Other designs may work in urban transportation planning.  Design degrees provide the skills needed for careers in photography used in publishing and advertising.  Designers also create new products for manufacturing and designs for the automotive and furniture industries.      

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