Graphic design has both a long and short history.  The elements of color, composition, and shading have been used since prehistoric days!  However, it’s only been in the past twenty or so years that it has been possible to combine these elements on a computer screen and change them without actually producing a physical copy.  Thus we have a fairly new branch of education just for graphic design, separate from fine art and advertising art.

So how do you know if an education in graphic design is something you should pursue?  You should ask yourself the following questions:  Are you a visual thinker?  Do you often see pictures when you hear words?  Are you one of those people who likes to see everything (including food!) in ascetically pleasing arrangements?  Do you find yourself looking at things or even landscapes and noticing lines, color, and shading?  And finally, do you find yourself looking with a critical eye at company logos and magazine covers?  If you’ve been nodding your head all this time, then maybe you should consider pursuing an education in graphic design.  And if you live in or around Detroit, Michigan, you should know that there are some very good Detroit Graphic Design Schools available to you!

So what can you expect as a student in graphic design?  In addition to the common elements of traditional art, one must also learn typography, page layout, interface design, and printmaking.  It’s also important to understand chromatics, or how the eye perceives color.  Typography involves the specific design of letters and words, from choosing or designing fonts, to deciding the shape, color, and texture of  text.  Page layout is basically composition, but limited to the confines of a printed page. Occasionally a graphic designer may find himself involved in web design or software design.  This is what is meant by interface design.  And finally, a graphic designer will need to understand the technical and practical aspects of printing the design on paper or other surfaces.  Obviously, there’s a lot more involved in graphic design school than artistic talent!

But for those who finish their education in graphic design, there are a nice variety of career choices open to them.  There are jobs available in the advertising industry where color and composition play major roles in the success of ads.  There are also companies who do a variety of custom jobs for many customers, including logo design, signs, wall decorations, or package and label design.  There are even a small number of graphic designers who do freelance work and make a living at it.

So let’s talk about Detroit Graphic Design Schools.    One school that quickly catches the eye is the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.  CCS offers Bachelor Degrees in “Graphic Design Commercial Art And Illustration” as well as other fields related to the arts.  There’s also the International Academy of Design & Technology in Detroit, or IADT Detroit.  IADT is a small school in the suburbs, and they offer both Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Graphic Design and other art-related studies.  Finally, the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) is a very large, private, Catholic University that offers over  100 majors as well as programs in 60 academic fields.

Any one of these Detroit Graphic Design Schools could offer you the education you desire in the atmosphere that you need.  But whatever you choose, you can be sure that the artist in you can stay happy while providing a good living!


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