Why and how to choose a Detroit Film School for you

Detroit Film Schools are great. What makes Detroit Film Schools so great is the potential for diversity of learning within an exciting new developing industry.  Detroit, the largest city in Michigan, is the up and coming Mecca for all those wishing to follow their dream and live and breathe the art of Filmmaking.  Did you know that over 200 movies filmed scenes in Detroit in 2008?

For the aspiring Filmmaker there are many types of Detroit Film schools and courses available to choose from, offering training in everything from film-production management, bookkeeping and accounting to scriptwriting, camera work or set design. 

Some of the most popular choices include S3 Entertainment Group LLC, The Centre for Film Studies, NEHST Studios: Filmmakers Boot Camp, The Michigan Production Alliance and the Motion Picture Institute.

This range of choice and flexibility of Detroit Film Schools means there is a course or program to suit everyone wishing to learn more about filmmaking, in whatever genre that may be. 

If you are undecided on a specialism, you may wish to attend a more generic course in Detroit. S3 Entertainment Group LLC offers a general film industry training overview in Ferndale. This forty-hour course provides entry-level positions in the industry.

For those wishing to become a grip (primarily involved in set construction), a film electrician, PA or Screenwriter or even work in set design or make-up, the Centre for Film Studies offers courses throughout Macomb and Oakland counties.

If your interest is more in the theory of filmmaking NEHST Studios run a week-end long boot camp that includes movie strategy and a pitch session with a successful movie-producer.  The course is designed by Filmmakers for Filmmakers and is a very popular option to give you the heads up on the industry.

Anyone entering the Film Industry knows that contacts are vital to success.  But how do you make contacts if you are new to the business?  The Michigan Production Alliance (MPA) embraces the new incentives laid down by the state of Michigan to encourage new filmmaking talent. MPA offers a variety of events, boot camps, workshops and resources and also classes through Detroit Film Colleges and Universities.  Included within the boot camp payment is a one-year membership of MPA; this gives access to a network of people, trade magazines and resources.

If you are looking for a more formal approach to filmmaking education in Detroit, The Motion Picture Institute (MPI) is for you.  Like the MPA, they also provide a resource and networking service and in addition offer professional support in producing films, even after graduation.  This includes mentoring with tutors, instructors, peers, industry professionals and former students.
The MPI is one of the most popular and affordable film schools in the country.  Students travel from all over the US to attend the comprehensive one-year vocational course that will guide attendees through all aspects of filmmaking and dispel some of those myths you may have heard about. 

As great as the Film Schools of Detroit are there can never be an absolute guarantee of a job, but with the film incentives package passed in 2008 by Michigan’s legislature, the potential development for the Detroit Film Industry and those aspiring to careers within it is certainly promising.


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