Detroit : The City Where Fashion School is Exciting!

Detroit City has fashion schools which are at the top of their game in the fashion industry. Check out the best fashion schools in the Detroit area and the programs they offer and find out if it is right for you.

Detroit City in Michigan is the place to be for anyone who wants to live the metropolitan lifestyle. Detroit or “Motor City” as it is often called is the birthplace of the American automobile industry and also boasts of some of the best professional sports teams. Not only is Detroit a hub of progress but also a city that’s rich in art, culture and ethnic diversity. Here at Detroit, an art career like fashion design is not only possible but exciting and highly-rewarding.

Fashion designers in Detroit have created a name in the industry with their fresh and extremely versatile designs—hip, urban, sophisticated to you name it.  Detroit has the facilities, resources and retail opportunities to jumpstart a fashion career. Detroit is the perfect place to experience fashion training.  Going to a Detroit fashion school will give a design student an edge over fashion design students in any other city in America.

Here are some of the best Detroit fashion schools:

The Art Institute of Michigan. Located in Michigan Avenue in southeast Novi, the institute is under The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago is and is also a branch of The Art Institutes, which is the leading Creative Education organization in America.

Students are given hands-on training in fashion design In the Art Institute of Michigan. This fashion institute offers two programs for fashion design: Fashion Marketing & Management and Fashion Merchandising.

The Fashion Marketing & Management program develops one’s fashion buying and marketing skills. The program acquaints students with merchandise presentation, retailing, store management and purchasing. Graduates of the program usually become sales personnel, stylists, visual merchandisers, management trainees or marketers.

The Fashion Merchandising program delves into the business aspect of the fashion industry. The program imparts the business skills needed to survive in the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry. Graduates of this program usually get hired as fashion coordinators and stylists, wholesalers, importers, designers and manufacturers.

The International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT). Located in Troy, IADT has established itself in the design, production and merchandising field. This fashion academy has helped transformed students’ artistic abilities into creative careers with the help of professional faculty who are equipped with years of industry experience.

IADT’s program schedules are very flexible so that even busy professionals can get an associate degree in the field of fashion. The fashion academy offers degrees in Fashion Designing—which can be accompanied with either Merchandising or Marketing—and Fashion Merchandising.  Unlike the Art Institute, IADT focuses on the technical skills and the latest equipment needed in the fashion industry. IADT’s training allows its graduates to enter into management positions and more technically-demanding industry jobs.

The Wayne State University  (WSU) also has a fashion program worth considering. WSU’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program concentrates on the area of professional apparel design and fashion merchandising. The program trains its students on the skills required for apparel design such as computer-aided designing and pattern making. The entrepreneurship aspect of the program gives students the business know-how to sell the merchandise. Possible career options for this program include management, merchandising, promotion and sales and visual presentation.


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