Design is a rewarding and exciting career that will provide plenty of challenges but also bring plenty of opportunity for growth. It is especially beneficial to start with a solid foundation and quality education to be successful in this field. New York is the home of many prominent design schools with very solid programs. Many successful designers graduated from various degree programs at a range of design schools in New York.

The first challenge at hand is determining which area of design suits you. There are several avenues that you can choose to pursue. Graphic design tends to include areas such as creating web page layouts and advertising campaigns. Fashion designers deal in designing apparel and accessories. Some of these individuals work for big clothing manufacturers supplying fashion for department stores and the mass public, but others will find a niche and be responsible for creating designs for personal clients or high-end boutiques. If you have a flair for decorating, you may want to study interior design. This profession ranges from specializing in designs for homes to businesses. If the theater is your passion, you may even want to look into a career in set design.

Once you determine the direction in which you want to take your design career, you will then need to decide which program you want to enter and at which design college in New York you would like to study. Your options are quite varied when it comes to choosing a school, and it will be important to research the many programs to find the best fit for your career goals. Base your choice of design schools in New York on that information.

The New York School of Design offers a wide range of programs for those who are interested in becoming a fashion designer. You will be able to take classes that teach you how to do everything from making patterns and draping fabric to merchandising and marketing. Parsons The New School for Design also has a school of fashion, where you will learn the fundamentals of fashion and get yourself started on a rewarding career path.

If you are more interested in developing your interior design skills, then you may want to research the programs at the New York School of Interior Design. Another promising interior design college in New York is the Sheffield School, where you will not only be able to pursue your overall interior design degree, but you can also get specialized training in areas like Feng Shui (which may be a selling point when you embark on your career).

The Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts both have extensive arts programs with opportunities for focus on design in New York. Even if you are undecided on which direction you want to take your design career, it is still an excellent idea to get a solid background in the arts, as it is the basis for most types of design. Whichever profession you choose, New York is an excellent city to choose to study design. So go ahead and explore your options and choose a design school in New York so you can begin the fascinating journey to your new career.


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