Illinois hosts some of the best design schools in the U.S. Consider top design institutions in Illinois to take advantage of the state’s supportive learning environment and many career possibilities.

Do you enjoy creating websites or fashion illustrations as a creative outlet whenever you can? If you do and thinking about design your favorite pastime activity, you can take your hobby a step further and turn it into a career by pursuing a design school education in Illinois. Design schools and colleges give students the opportunity to hone their craft and earn certificates, diplomas and degrees in various design fields.

Design schools in Illinois offer a breadth of design majors, from architecture to graphic design, landscape architecture, fashion design, game design, industrial design and web design. Career opportunities for designers are evident everywhere, at both established and start-up companies in Illinois and elsewhere. You can even freelance or start your own business after graduation if you want, and design graduates are finding gainful employment at an encouraging rate.

If you aspire to go into a design field after college, you are encouraged to enroll into a design school in Illinois to train and acquire the skills you need to start your exciting journey. Enroll in a respected design school to learn the techniques you need to achieve your career goals

Illinois hosts some of the best design schools in the U.S. Consider top design institutions in the state to take advantage of some of the best programs and teachers. Some design schools in Illinois you may want to look into include the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, which offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in many design fields, which provide students with the latest techniques and approaches in design. The Harrington College of Design is also located in Chicago and is one of the most respected art schools in the U.S. The various design schools at the college have been training students for tens of years. The college even allows students to choose whether to take classes in the daytime or at night. Earn your certificate, bachelor’s degrees or associate degree in your preferred area of professional photography. The Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy is a private college in Chicago, Illinois that offers two-year degree programs in entertainment and digital arts, in case students want a shorter stay at a design school in Illinois.

There are plenty of design fields for students to choose from, and also plenty of design schools in Illinois to cater to those interests.


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