Design Schools in Chicago


Design schools in Chicago are numerous and can be standalone art schools or design colleges within an university. Chicago is a large city and home to some very well-known design schools, including the International Academy of Design & Technology, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Illinois Institute of Art, just to name a few. Design encompasses many different fields such as, architectural design, digital design, fashion design, and interior design. Not all schools offer each type of design as some specialize in one specific area of design.


Fashion design schools in Chicago offer courses and degrees in fashion design and marketing. Degrees available include associate degrees and bachelor degrees. Some programs also offer certificates in fashion and design. Fashion design students will learn all the information and skills needed to become fashion consultants, store managers, fashion event planners, and assistant buyers. Some of the courses offered include retail management, design, marketing communication, and v    isual merchandising.


Other more traditional courses at design schools in Chicago look at how design functions can be employed to solve problems. Framework development is one area that uses fundamental theories to apply to frameworks to solve problems. Another important branch of study is interaction, or how humans interact with others and those items around them. This is an important aspect of many types of design, including interior and restaurant design.


Strategic design is offered at design colleges in Chicago and can be used by businesses on many different levels. While many companies make multiple types of products, determining the best one to make is the job of a strategic designer. This type of design focuses on uncovering what consumers need or want and then producing items and services to match those needs. This also incorporates strategic risks and requires both analytical and generative thinking. Other factors of design covered in such courses include prototyping, user research, and visualization. All of these are important areas for business and product design.


Graphic design is another course of study available at design schools in Chicago. This type of design uses symbols, images, and signs to communicate information and ideas. Students learn a range of technical, organizational, and analytical skills that can all be applied to graphic design. Programs will teach design using both digital and print media. Several examples of courses that are part of graphic design include drawing, sculpture, analyzing the natural world, digital media, exploring world cultures, and understanding society.


Interior design programs are those that investigate how space is used and the way in which colors and items can be used to create different ambiances and functional areas. This type of design is more than just decoration, as safety and environmental concerns must be met within the room design. The use of lighting, furnishings, textiles, colors and other elements are all explored within an interior design course at Chicago design schools.


There are many choices for design schools in Chicago. Students should investigate the types of courses offered, experience of staff, and the types of facilities available to find the best design school for their needs. 

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